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The Association in its original form was established as long ago as 1905 - and therefore is over 115 years old.

The first ever issue of Focus was published in January 1963 by the then Ratepayers' Association and it has now reached almost 700 issues.

Back in 1964, the then Editor of Focus encouraged an exchange of views on serious subjects affecting the people of our area (e.g. over intensive development, cliff erosion and car parking charges). Not surprisingly, some of these subjects continue to be concerns for the Association.

Our Aims and Objectives

We will continue this year to work towards the same principles that have successfully guided the Association over the last 115+ years :-


Amongst the projects the Association is/has been involved in :-


In the Past

Most of the time, the Association works silently in the background for the benefits of all of the residents in the town

NMRA regularly supports local causes including the Poppy Appeal and donations towards the Christmas Lights in the town each year. In the recent past we have also donated £1,000 to provide equipment for our local ambulance and donations were given to all three of our Local Surgeries.