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Information - Local Services

Our three tiers of Local Government in New Milton & their services


Read a Guide to Council Services - Who is responsible for various services


New Milton Town Council

New Milton Town Council works towards improving community well-being and providing better services. Their activities fall into three main categories: representing the local community; delivering services to meet local needs; striving to improve quality of life and community well-being. The Town Council is based at The Town Hall at 2 Ashley Road, New Milton.  BH25 6AS.  The Offices are open during the normal operating hours of The New Forest Information Point. (Currently closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic).

Telephone : 01425 619120

E-Mail : info@newmiltontowncouncil.gov.uk

Website :  https://www.newmiltontowncouncil.gov.uk/

Destination Website :  https://gonewmilton.co.uk/

Calendar of Meetings for 2023


New Forest District Council

 With three tiers of local Government, Hampshire is divided into Districts.  New Forest District Council is responsible for the provision of local services such as rubbish collection, housing and planning applications. They have the responsibility for the collection of all Council Taxes within the area.

Telephone : 02380 285 000

E-Mail :  Check for the appropriate service

Website :  https://www.newforest.gov.uk/

Services Index for Residents :  https://www.newforest.gov.uk/residents

Services Index for Business :   https://www.newforest.gov.uk/article/1380/Business

Destination Website : https://www.thenewforest.co.uk/



This facility is managed by New Forest District Council.  Collections are made weekly for Household Waste and Recycling Items.  Garden Refuse Scheme collections are bi-weekly.  Glass and Bottle collections are monthly.


   Recycling and Rubbish Services Index

   Check your collection days for all types

   You can request that NFDC collect your bulky items and healthcare waste, and get support with home composting and sign up for Garden Waste collections



NFDC  have over 50 pay and display car parks in New Forest, that include coastal parking as well as town and village centre parking.


   Locate Car Parks

   Payment for parking can be via Parking Clocks, Pay & Display or the Ringo Telephone service

   You can purchase parking clocks by calling 02380 285000 or using the online form - or via the NFDC Information Office at The Town Hall  (2, Ashley Road, New Milton).

   The Ringo Mobile Telephone payment service




   Council Tax - Information and payment services

   Benefits & Support

   New Forest District Council is responsible (in conjunction with New Milton Town Council) for all aspects of Planning Applications

   Health & Safety including environmental controls, pest control, animal welfare, noise, flooding and drainage amongst other issues.


Hampshire District Council

The County Council’s role is to act strategically and implement policy as determined by Cabinet. This means delivering services to the people of Hampshire (and sometimes beyond) in an open and cost-effective way. The Council acts in the best interests of Hampshire and its residents.

Telephone / E-Mail : Check for the appropriate service

Services Index : https://www.hants.gov.uk/

Updates and Changes to Services : https://www.hants.gov.uk/socialcareandhealth/coronavirus#impacted-services

Destination Website :  https://www.visit-hampshire.co.uk/



You must have an appointment to visit an HWRC in Hampshire. If you visit an HWRC without an appointment you will be turned away. The booking system has been set up in response to the severe traffic queues seen at some HWRCs since they reopened with new social distancing measures in place. You can only make one trip to one HWRC in a week. You cannot visit more than one HWRC in the same week.  Booking slots are made available up to 7 days in advance. Dates further than 7 days will show as unavailable. Please cancel any booked visit using the confirmation email.

Hampshire residents must register their vehicles online before their next visit for continued free access to HWRCs. From Autumn 2020 non Hampshire residents will be charged £5 per visit. Register your vehicle for free here.


   Efford Household Waste Recycling Centre,  Milford Road, Pennington, Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 8EZ   - Our local Waste & Recycling Centre.

   Slots available - 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. - 7 Days a week

   Book a Slot Website

   Advice and guidance about waste and recycling during the coronavirus outbreak

   Find out what types of waste your nearest HWRC will accept



Births, Deaths and Ceremonies

You can now register births and give notice of marriage/civil partnership. Appointments are available at most offices. Please do not book an appointment to give notice if your ceremony is over three months away. Small marriages and civil partnership ceremonies resumed on 4 July.

   0845 603 5637


   Nearest Registration Office : Lymington Library,  North Close,  Lymington. SO41 9BW

   0300 555 1392 - Lymington Office




   Online Reporting of problems and issues on roads, footpaths and verges

   Report Potholes

   Reports Pathway and Paving problems

   Report an abandoned vehicle

   Fly Tipping - issues and reporting.

   Report faulty street light

   Report faulty traffic light

   Report broken or missing traffic sign