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Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Information specific to New Milton about the Coronavirus Pandemic

The New Milton Covid Support Group


The New Milton Covid Support group is a Mutual Aid Group.

An unfunded group run entirely by volunteers, supported by New Milton Town Council


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STOP PRESS NEWS : Posted 7th November 2020

Our Digital Distractions programme of one-hour online events between now and 2nd December is growing.

With the colder weather and renewed restrictions keeping us indoors over the next month we are offering a programme of activities via zoom for our Neighbours in New Milton, Ashley, Bashley and Barton-on-Sea. A series of one-hour sessions over the whole of November some for fun, some for information but all with the intention of  keeping us connected and maintaining our wellbeing.

The New Milton Covid Support Group will host every meeting but we have invited special guests along to lead talks and activities to entertain and fill at least one hour of your day with a distraction from the limitations of lockdown.

Learn more about these sessions.


STOP PRESS NEWS : Posted 10th September 2020

The New Milton Covid Support Group was created to support our community during the Coronavirus crisis and the challenges that lockdown created. As the Government guidance in relation to going out and about, to the shops, back to work/school and socialising have changed, we are no longer in a crisis situation and demand for our help is currently very low. Therefore, we feel we need to take this opportunity to give all of those neighbours who are still giving their valuable time, a well-earned break. Infection rates in our area are extremely low and we want to have some time out so we are rested should we find ourselves in a second wave and new crisis situation.
Although we will not be taking live calls for the time being, we have a dedicated skeleton crew who are picking up voice messages and emails. Thus if you call us, please be sure to leave a message so that someone can get back to you, or email us on
We will be constantly reviewing the situation and will keep you updated.



The Group recognises that everyone is at risk of being affected by this pandemic, but that a pandemic doesn’t hit everyone equally. That’s why we’re concerned to ensure there is sufficient support for the most vulnerable, including the elderly and those with pre-existing health conditions, during the outbreak.

This group is to serve people who live in the geographical area of New Milton, Ashley, Barton and Bashley.

Beneficiaries should be aware that volunteers are not DBS checked however basic safeguarding protocols are in place.  All volunteers are simply kind, community minded individuals who want to help out their neighbours at this time of crisis. The Organising Group and volunteers accept no liability or responsibility for damage or loss of property, infection or other issues resulting from contact between volunteers and beneficiaries.


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