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My Smile for the Day

Just a few amusing items

I claim no credit for these items, they are merely items that have been posted on Social Media and other sources, that I found amusing during the pandemic, and by popular request, I am continuing :-

If you have anecdotes or postings that you think might amuse me or more importantly will amuse others, send them to me at - alan.watson@newmilton.net


The Last One !!    (22.9.23)

Should have stared into his mince pies, as you stamped on his plates of meat. Then made him walk down the frog and toad to the rub and dub.


Another Old One !  

Is this what's in store for me !!   (15.9.23)

Sorry about the grainy image.  A real Corny one !!   

Another Sage Comment from Spock  

The old ones are the best    (6.9.23)

At the very end !!    (4.9.23)

What luck !!  

Doing Nothing when you are married is very difficult !!  

Now I understand the problem   

Can't have been someone from our Council

Does that come with Iceberg Lettuce?