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National Consultations


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Police & Crime Commissioner


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Regional Consultations


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New Forest National Park


Our statement about the protected landscapes consultation.

We welcome the publication of the consultation on the Government’s Response to the Landscapes Review, which sets out proposals on how protected landscapes can play a key part in addressing some of society’s most pressing challenges relating to climate, nature and people’s recovery from the pandemic.

Our new Partnership Plan has five objectives which correspond well with the issues and opportunities identified in the Landscapes Review chaired by Julian Glover and the consultation announced today.

The Plan emphasises the importance of working together for our National Park and is for all the statutory bodies and partners caring for the Forest. It was developed after extensive consultation with partners and communities.

We are looking forward to responding to the consultation and to working with partners and communities to ensure our National Park delivers across the important agenda addressed by the proposals.

We are pleased that local delivery is recognised as essential and remains at the fore and that the importance of the distinct identity of landscapes such as the New Forest is acknowledged.

With our colleagues across the protected landscapes we will ensure the work of each landscape adds up to be greater than the sum of our parts to deliver a sustained recovery of the climate, nature and ourselves.

The consultation is now Closed.


Hampshire County Council


Have your Say on Hampshire Highways and Transport


Hampshire residents are being asked for their views on Hampshire County Council’s range of highways and transport services – including the condition of roads, provision for cyclists, public transport and how utilities’ works, such as gas and water for example, are managed on the road network.

The National Highways and Transport Network’s annual public satisfaction survey is open to all local highways authorities and Hampshire County Council is a long-standing participant. The 2023 survey is now open for views from all Hampshire residents and other stakeholders until 29 February 2024

More Information and Link to Survey


This Consultation is open until the End July.


Hampshire County Council Budget Consultation


Hampshire County Council is seeking residents’ and stakeholders’ views on its financial strategy for managing the budget over the next two years, up to April 2025


More Information and Links to Consultation


This Consultation is open until 23rd July 2023


NEW :  Survey open for views on changes to County Council planning consultation


Residents and other stakeholders are being asked for their views for updates to Hampshire County Council’s Statement for Community of Involvement – which is a statement of policy for how the County Council will manage the involvement of interested parties in planning matters – both in plan-making and the planning applications the County Council deals with.


More Information and Links to Survey.


This Consultation is Open until 30th July 2023.


Christchurch Bay and Harbour Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management (FCERM) Strategy Consultation


Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council (BCP) and New Forest District Council (NFDC) are working together with the Environment Agency to produce a new Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management (FCERM) Strategy for Christchurch Bay and Harbour. It will guide how the frontage from Hengistbury Head to Hurst Spit, encompassing Christchurch Harbour, may be sustainably managed for the next 100 years. 

Climate change is putting significantly more properties, infrastructure and open spaces at risk from coastal flooding and erosion. Calculations have revealed that if we do nothing over the next 100 years, the coastal frontage will suffer around £1 billion in damages which includes erosion risk to approximately 1,600 properties and coastal flood risk to over 2,200 properties (homes and non-residential buildings). The figures are not designed to alarm but to help us evidence and justify doing something to manage the risks.

During the fourth phase of engagement in Winter 2022, we asked for feedback on the proposed short list for managing the risks. Each of the options were then appraised to assess their economic, technical, environmental and social viability. The process identified the proposed leading options for each of the 18-option development units and these proposals are the focus of this consultation.

The findings from this consultation will help confirm the proposed adaptive options to manage coastal flood and erosion risk across the strategy area. These will be included in the final Strategy for adoption by BCP Council, New Forest District Council and the Environment Agency. You can find all our technical reports and engagement feedback on the FCERM Strategy Hub.


More Information Here.


This Consultation Finishes on August 27th 2023.


New Milton Town Council


  • The Public Consultation on the Ashley Recreation Play Park is now closed.