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Public Consultations

New Milton Town Council  

None known at this time.


New Forest District Council

None known at this time.


Hampshire County Council - Relevant to New Milton

HAMPSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL PUBLIC CONSULTATION :- Hampshire County Council currently spends £30 million on Home to School Transport (HtST) and Post-16 transport for 15,000 students in Hampshire. The proposed changes, if agreed, would see a reduction in transport services that are provided at the County Council’s discretion – above and beyond what the Authority is legally required to deliver. This currently applies to under 1,000 young people who the County Council has supported either through local policy elements that go beyond the statutory minimum, or based on a family’s individual circumstances.

Councillor Keith Mans, Executive Lead Member for Children’s Services, commented: “With the substantial reductions in central Government funding, the County Council has had to look very closely at how all of its services operate. We would like to know what people think about some proposed changes being considered for managing Home to School Transport in the coming years; that will bring our services into line with other authorities which now offer only that which is specified in legislation.”

Detailed Information on HCC Web Site



New Forest National Parks Authority

Some big issues are facing the New Forest in the coming years. The organisations with the main remit for both protecting the National Park and enabling people to enjoy it need your help to:

- provide the best recreational experience for local people and our visitors

- protect the very thing these people come to see – the spectacular, yet fragile landscape which is a haven for many rare wildlife species

- ensure limited resources are spent wisely

Please go to the following link to find out more and complete the survey.