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Local Police Alerts

The latest local Police Alerts appropriate to New Milton :-


Advice issued after woman conned by fraudsters who posed as police officers

We are urging people to warn elderly friends and relatives after a woman lost £9,000 to fraudsters posing as police officers.

The 87-year-old victim from Yateley was called on Tuesday 14 November by a woman who said the victim’s card had been used to buy an expensive camera and that she should dial 999.

The victim did so, but the fraudster stayed on the line and a man claiming to be from the fraud department of London Police ‘answered’ the victim’s call. He told her that they were investigating a fraud involving staff at the victim’s bank. The victim was persuaded to withdraw £9,000 from the bank to help with the investigation, and urged not to tell any member of staff what was happening unless they gave an agreed codeword.

A courier later came to the victim’s house to collect the money for examination. A relative of the victim then called the police to report the fraud.

We would like to speak to a man matching the following description:

• black
• aged in his mid 20s to mid 30s
• around 5ft 5ins to 5ft 8ins tall
• of slight build
• wearing a dark baseball cap

Anyone with information should call 101, quoting 44170446378.


Another version of this scam is where fraudsters posing as police officers claim to be investigating a jewellers for selling counterfeit items, and ask the victim to buy expensive goods which are later collected.  Other requests include victims buying hundreds of pounds worth of iTunes vouchers to be collected by a courier.

Police officers or bank officials would never ask you for money. If someone does call you in this way, hang up. If possible, use another phone line to report this to the police by calling 101.

We would like to remind people to protect themselves by using the following advice:

• never give out personal or ban details to anyone who contacts you unexpectedly
• never tell anyone your PIN number
• if you have given out information which could compromise your bank security in any way, call your bank to cancel your cards as soon as possible.
• never hand over your card, money or valuables to someone at the door to be sent off elsewhere

Anyone who is concerned about a similar incident should call police on 101. If a crime is in progress, please call 999.


There has been an increase in the number of unattended vehicles being broken into in and around the New Milton area, please ensure that you park your vehicle in a well lit area and ensure that nothing of any value is left on show or in the vehicle.


Leaving valuable items on show in a vehicle makes it much more likely to be targeted by thieves.  With the recent incidents, windows have been smashed and the glove box and car have been searched for property.

Even items of little value, such as shopping bags and clothing, may tempt a potential thief to break into the vehicle to see whether they contain anything worth stealing. Keep your possessions out of view, or take them with you. 

Please report any suspicious persons to police.


phishing - here's what you need to know

For more information of how to stay safe on-line visit


Your internet-connected devices are more valuable than you might think.



Readmore at




Hampshire Constabulary have had further success with detaining another male for dwelling burglary on 08/09/17 and after enquiries and interviews he has now been charged with two (very recent) dwelling burglaries in the New Milton area, theft and also failing to provide a specimen of breath for analysis. He has been appeared in Court on Friday and was remanded.

appeal by hampshire's police and crime commissioner - michael lane


In his Police and Crime Plan, Hampshire's Police and Crime Commissioner Michael Lane made a commitment to champion community needs and to work together with partners to create vibrant and inclusive communities.
As part of this commitment, the Commissioner and his team are now looking to work directly with communities and community organisations to shape how they can best support communities in keeping themselves safer.
Please help them by completing a short survey, and make sure you let them know if you are interested in getting involved in developing this work further.
The survey can be accessed by clicking on the link below:


Man charged with New Forest burglaries


A Dorset man has been charged following a number of burglaries in the New Forest.

David Adams, 32, of Pound Lane, Poole has been charged with three counts of attempted burglary and four counts of burglary between 15 April and 27 July in Hordle, Barton on Sea and New Milton.
He has been bailed to appear at Southampton Magistrates’ Court on 5 October.


images of man released after a burglary


We are looking to speak to a man in connection with a burglary in Vaggs Lane, Hordle at 3.45pm on Thursday 10 August.

Entry was gained through side doors using a crow bar. Jewellery and watches were taken.

For images and further details see Web Site.






There have been two further breakins in the Barton-On-Sea area, believed to have occurred in the early hours of Saturday Morning. The method of entry is the same, in which a small tool has been used to prize open PVC doors and windows at the rear of the property.

Residents are reminded to keep the rear of their properties secure and in many similar cases, effective alarm systems have detered the offender(s).

Extra resources from Hampshire Constabulary have been directed to the areas effected and continue to work proactively, with Dorest Police and specialist units.

Suspicious activity should be reported to 101 or 999 depending on the urgency of police attendance.



Sussex Police in conjunction with other Police Forces have produced a useful guide to Scams and Cons with information on how to spot them and avoid them.


To download or read this Booklet Click Here.


Please note that this is a very large file and may take some time to download - please be patient.




Do you know when to call 999? We, along with other emergency services, face a high demand amount of calls into 999.


But how many people know when they should call 999 and, in particular, the police rather than other organisations?


Recent information shows that not everyone does, with calls ranging from enquiries about flea infestations to 'no credit on my phone'. In light of this we are calling on you to help us keep our lines free for your emergencies only.


The campaign will feature a range of examples of calls via our social media channels, all leading back to one, clear message: only call 999 during an emergency.


Click here for more information.


man arrested in new milton robbery investigation


We are investigating a robbery in which a man was threatened with a knife in New Milton.


It took place as the 27-year-old victim walked along a footpath leading to Carisbrooke Court, on the North Milton estate, just after midday on Friday 21 July. A man forced the victim to hand over £60.


We’ve arrested a 28-year-old man from New Milton on suspicion of robbery as part of our investigation. He has been released from custody without charge, but remains under investigation.


If you saw what happened, call PC David Woolfrey on 101, quoting 44170280676.


Alternatively, people can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111, where information can be left anonymously.




If you know the owner of this bike or indeed if it's your Bike - then  please call 101 and ask for PSI Mills.  This was recovered on 7th July by Hampshire Constabulary.




The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) and Action Fraud have recently noticed a rise in the reporting of pets, and in particular puppies and kittens, being advertised for sale via popular online auction websites. The fraudsters will place an advert of the pet for sale, often claiming that the pet is currently held somewhere less accessible or overseas. Upon agreement of a sale, the suspect will usually request an advance payment by money transfer or bank transfer. However, the pet does not materialise and the fraudster will subsequently ask for further advanced payments for courier charges, shipping fees and additional transportation costs. Even if further payments are made, the pet will still not materialise as it is likely to not exist.

Tips to staying safe when purchasing pets:

If you have been affected by this, or any other type of fraud, report it to Action Fraud by visiting or by calling 0300 123 2040.


don't leave anything in your car when in the new forest


We are reminding visitors to the New Forest not to leave anything of value in their vehicles.

Officers regularly patrol New Forest car parks during the summer, but you should take you valuables with you when you enjoy your walk.


Help keep your vehicle safe by following a few simple tips:


- Never leave valuable possessions such as handbags, laptops, phones or sat navs on show inside your car. Even items of little value, such as shopping bags, loose change and clothing, may tempt a thief.

- Don’t hide your valuables in the boot. Someone may be watching.

- Always lock your car, wind up the windows and close the sunroof, even if you’re only leaving it for a few minutes.

- Double check it’s locked. It only takes a few seconds for your valuables to be stolen from an unlocked car.


For more crime prevention advice, go to:



He may have seen what happened when a 16 year-old boy was assaulted in the alleyway next to Barclays bank off Station Road in New Milton on Saturday 13 May just after 10:45pm.


The victim was left with minor injuries.


If you know who he is please call 101 quoting 44170180131




The burglary of a static caravan took place in Hordle on Thursday 25 May.

The victim returned to the caravan off Silver Street at 3.35pm to see a man with his face covered jumping out of the bedroom window and escaping.

Another man - shown in the e-fit image on our website - was seen in a nearby car, described as a grey, old style Rover.

For the e-fit image and more details see Web Site Page.



Fraudsters have been advertising vehicles and machinery for sale on various selling platforms online. The victims, after communicating via email with the fraudster, will receive a bogus email which purports to be from an established escrow provider (a third party who will keep the payment until the buying and selling parties are both happy with the deal).

These emails are designed to persuade victims to pay upfront, via bank transfer, before visiting the seller to collect the goods. The emails also claim that the buyer (victim) has a cooling off period to reclaim the payment if they change their mind. This gives victims the false sense of security that their money is being looked after by this trustworthy third party, when in fact it is not and the money has gone straight to the fraudster.

Protect yourself:

If you have been affected by this, or any other type of fraud, report it to Action Fraud by visiting, or by calling 0300 123 2040.






One victim fell for the scam after calling a ‘help’ number advertised on a pop up window. The window which wouldn’t close said the victim had been affected by WannaCry Ransomware.

The victim granted the fraudsters remote access to their PC after being convinced there wasn’t sufficient anti-virus protection. The fraudsters then installed Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, which is actually free and took £320 as payment.

It is important to remember that Microsoft’s error and warning messages on your PC will never include a phone number.

Additionally Microsoft will never proactively reach out to you to provide unsolicited PC or technical support. Any communication they have with you must be initiated by you.

How to protect yourself

If you believe you have already been a victim

Report fraud and cyber crime to


holiday fraud awareness

Findings from a new report, compiled by the City of London Police’s National Fraud Intelligence Bureau, reveal the scale of reported crime, and expose common tactics used by fraudsters who stole £7.2 million from almost 6,000 unsuspecting holidaymakers and other travellers in 2016.


Types of holiday booking fraud


In 2016 5,826 cases of holiday booking fraud were reported to Action Fraud. The most common types of fraud related to:


Top tips to avoid becoming a travel fraud victim 


The City of London Police, ABTA and Get Safe Online have published advice on how to avoid becoming a victim of holiday booking fraud – and on how victims should go about reporting it. This advice includes the top tips below: 


For a full list of tips to avoid becoming a victim of fraud please see: 




There has been a series of recent incidents reported to Action Fraud where a lone fraudster has approached victims whom they believe to be unfamiliar with the local area. They make an excuse to talk to the victims such as enquiring about directions or offering a recommendation for a good hotel.
After this interaction, several other fraudsters will intervene purporting to be police officers in plain clothes and will sometimes present false identification as proof. The fake officers will then give a reason to examine the victims’ wallet, purse or personal items. They may also examine the first fraudster’s items or try to tell victims that the first fraudster is suspicious in order to gain victim trust and appear more realistic in their guise.
After all the fake police ‘checks’ are finished, victims have then reported being handed back their personal items only to later realise that a quantity of money or valuables were missing.
How to protect yourself:




We are reminding visitors to the New Forest this weekend not to leave anything of value in their vehicles.

Our Ringwood and Fordingbridge neighbourhood policing teams will be visiting car parks to give out drawstring bags - funded by the New Forest Community Safety Partnership - so you can take your valuables with you on your walk.


Officers can be seen at:

Saturday 29 April:
Woods Corner from 2pm to 2.30pm
Rockford Common 2pm to 2.30pm
Burbrush from 3pm to 3.30pm
Fritham from 3pm to 3.30pm
Oakley from 4pm to 4.30pm
Ashley Walk from 4pm to 4.30pm

Sunday 30 April:
Anderwood from 2pm to 2.30pm
Martin Down from 2pm to 2.30pm
Holmsley from 3pm to 3.30pm
Godshill Enclosure from 3pm to 3.30pm
Burley and Clay Hill from 4pm to 4.30pm
Janesmoor Pond from 4pm to 4.30pm


We will also be giving out crime prevention advice and leaflets, as well as notices telling would-be thieves that your car is empty.


Help keep your car safe by following these simple tips:


- Never leave valuable possessions such as handbags, laptops, phones or sat navs on show inside your car.

- Even items of little value, such as shopping bags and clothing, may tempt a thief.
- Don’t hide your valuables in the boot. Someone may be watching.

- Always lock your car, wind up the windows and close the sunroof, even if you’re only leaving it for a few minutes.

- Double check it’s locked. It only takes a few seconds for your valuables to be stolen from an unlocked car.


For further crime prevention advice, go to:


have you lost a ring in the new milton area


A ring has been recovered in the New Milton area and has an inscription inside which reads 'All my love, Jan x". If you can help us reunite the ring with the owner please contact PSI Helen Mills or Property Officer Atley Greenslade via 101.


See pictures of the Ring in Question




The sun is shining, nights are drawing out and the local wildlife is beginning to flourish! Perfect excuses to get out in the beauty spots in the New Forest for a nice walk, a long cycle ride or a picturesque run.

Have you considered that there may be people in the area that also see opportunities with this fine weather? 

Vehicle crime makes up more than a quarter of all recorded crime in the UK.  Vehicle criminals are opportunists, and most vehicle-related crimes can be prevented by taking simple security measures.

Car security

Always lock your car, wind up the windows and close the sunroof, even if you’re only leaving it for a few minutes. You should also double check it’s locked before leaving. It only takes a few seconds for your valuables to be stolen from an unlocked car.

Leaving valuables in your car can give opportunists the motive to break a window and have them away, leaving you to claim of your insurance, replace your valuables and cancel your bank cards.

Putting valuables in your glove box or covering them with a coat may not deter people.

The New Forest Neighbourhood Police Teams from New Milton, Lymington and Ringwood will be carrying out dedicated patrols at random times in the beauty spot car parks in the Forest so if you see us say 'Hello'!


doorstep rogue traders are targeting residents in your area - yesterday in barton on sea


Hampshire Constabulary received a report from Lloyds Bank on the 4th of April that an elderly female from the Barton-On-Sea had tried to withdraw over £1,000 to pay for minor maintenance of her garden.

Doorstep Crime


We use this term to describe distraction burglary and rogue trading.  Offenders knock on the door pretending to be someone else. They distract the resident to gain entry and steal items from inside, sometimes with an accomplice. Offenders may pretend to have lost a pet or claim they need to use your home phone. They may claim they are from a council, utility supplier or even police.


If you're not sure, don't open the door.  Read our crime prevention advice and always:

If it's an emergency, it's always 999.  You can also provide information to the independent Crimestoppers charity if you wish to stay anonymous by calling 0800 555 111.  if you have suspicions which you wish to report to police call 101.

Visit our website below for more details.




Statement from Hampshire Constabulary.


We were contacted by the coastguard shortly before 9.30pm on Thursday, March 30, informing us that a member of the public had called to say he’d found two unexploded shells.

We contacted the member of the public and gave him advice to leave them in situ and get out of his car. However, by the time officers arrived at the scene, the man had returned the shells to the top of the spit at Milford on Sea.

urgent appeal to find two unexploded shells


Can you help?

Two unexploded shells were found at Hurst Spit in Milford-on-Sea by a member of the public last night (Thursday 30 March).

The shells were cordoned off and plans were made for an Explosive Ordnance Disposal team to attend the site this morning. Unfortunately the shells have disappeared. One of the shells has been assessed as unstable and potentially dangerous, so we need to find it as soon as possible.
Were you walking on the beach early this morning? Did you see the shells or do know where they have gone?

If you have any information about where the shells are, please contact us on 101, quoting incident 996 of today's date.

If you see the shells you should not go near them. Stand as far away as possible and call us immediately.


hampshire pOLICe warn about rogue traders


Reports have been made recently to Police, of rogue traders in the area asking to do tree work. There have been reports made over the weekend of people being approached by cold callers with reference to doing tree work at their properties.

If you have any similar exeriences please make contact with Trading Standards, with any details of persons or vehicles that call at your address. They can be contacted on 01962 833620.

Any suspicious activities or persons in the area please report via 101 for Police attention.


police release cctv image following a theft in barton on sea


We would like to speak to him after a purse containing £50 and a Kindle were stolen from the staff room of Gatehouse Residential Home in Becton Lane, Barton on Sea on Thursday (Feb 25). It is alleged the man tried the door handle of the garage before entering the staff room at about 11.10pm-11.25pm.

He was described as:

We would like to hear from anyone who knows this man.  Please call 101.  


* Picture is copyright of Hampshire Constabulary




We are offering crime prevention advice after receiving a report of a phone scam in which the caller claimed to be from Hampshire Constabulary.  A 61-year-old woman Hampshire woman received the call from an unknown number shortly before midday on Wednesday, February 3.

The caller, a man, claimed to be from Hampshire Constabulary and said the force was setting up police community clubs across the county to tackle drug use amongst teenagers. He then asked her to buy advertising space in a publication that would be sent to businesses to raise awareness on anti-social behaviour and drug use.

The woman did not agree to hand over money and reported the call to the police.

Inspector Paul Markham said: “Hampshire Constabulary would never call members of the public in this way and ask for money. “If anyone else has had a similar call, please contact us on 101 quoting 44160051531.”

People are reminded to protect themselves using the following advice: