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An Appeal about The New Milton Poorhouse   (Added 28.7.20)

From John Lay-Flurrie

In preparation for an article and a talk to the Heritage Society on Milton Poorhouse, and its links with the making of fusee chains by the ‘apprentices’, I would love to hear about any memories or family stories about the poorhouse and local workhouses or the fantastically intricate work involved in making fusee chains.

If anyone has any tools, chains or other objects associated with making the chains it would be great to show them to the members, and if possible, use them as part of our heritage collection.

Please email any information to me on and I will forward to John, who will no doubt make contact with you.

Statement about Traffic & Pedestrian Plan   (Added 25.7.20)

Press Release issued by New Milton Town Council :


At its on-line Zoom meeting today, New Milton Town Council it was decided to remove the road closure at Station Road / Osborne Road without adversely affecting social distancing from a pedestrian point of view.

But the consensus view was that the Station Road / Old Milton Road closure should remain in place for social distancing purposes. 

Councillors heard about the on-going and continuing threat of Covid-19 Coronavirus.

That is why social distancing rules remain in place at Station Road / Old Milton Road.

By majority vote, it was agreed social distancing could not be maintained at the corners of Nobels / Kimbers or at the crossing either side without the road closure in place.

Whereas you can safely distance yourself around the rest of Station Road / adjoining roads, including Osborne Road where the road closure will be removed this weekend.

The 2m social distancing rule is still applicable and 1m + with mitigation cannot be safely achieved in this area.

The Government and highway authorities continue to advise and promote traffic and pedestrian measures to aid social distancing in Towns and Villages where possible.

Members heard the current R rate for the south east remains at 0.8 – 1.0 which is still relatively high. The compulsory wearing of face coverings in shops from this Friday may help to reduce social distancing risk in shops, but not on the streets.

Local councils are legally bound to make the environment safe, so they are doing what they think is right in the circumstances. That is why we work closely with HCC & NFDC.

The road closure at Station Road / Osborne Road was introduced primarily to alleviate the additional overflow traffic using Whitefield Road resulting from the Station Road / Old Milton Road closure, with the additional benefit of creating extra pedestrian space outside Lloyds Bank and a traffic free crossing of Osborne Road.

As with any Road Closure, it must be expected and accepted that some congestion and inconvenience to road users will occur.

Town Council agreed to review matters again at its next meeting on 10 August 2020.

It is anticipated that the changes will be made on Sunday 26th July at 08:00hrs.


Taking to the Air   (Added 4.6.20)
Nice Picture after being fed   (Added 2.6.20)

(Courtesy of Alvin Reid & Kate Spelling)

Two Males & Two Females    (Added 30.5.20)

Four Hungry Chicks   (Added 28.5.20)

Wow they are growing !!   (Added 25.5.20)

New Milton's Peregrine family growing fast   (Added 25.5.20)

Hungry Mouths to Feed  (Added 20.5.20)

Growing up Fast   (Added 17.5.20)

Mr & Mrs Peregrine caught for the first time   (Added 13.5.20)

Maybe even 4 to feed at the Water Tower!   (Added 8.5.20 at 8:30 hrs)

Its Feeding Time at the Water Tower. 

Difficult to Tell - Think we have three Chicks.  (Added 7.5.20 - 8:20 hrs)

Two Chicks (Added 6.5.20 - 07:50 hrs)

At least one chick so far (Added 6.5.20 - 07:00 hrs))

Despite a number of hours watching - Mrs Peregrine is not letting the Paparazzi geta shot ....yet!

A Cheeky Visitor.   (Added 27.4.20)

Mrs Peregrine : Keeping the eggs warm at The Water Tower.  (Added 23.4.20)

Mrs Peregrine : Eggs hopefully hatching soon


Multi-Agency Support puts Food on the Table in New Milton.

During this Coronavirus crisis, there are many families who for whatever reason, fail to get the support that they desperately need and are unable to ensure that they can put adequate wholesome food on the table for their children.

A highly successful multi-agency approach by the New Forest Basics Bank, our local schools, our Town Council and the Lions Club of New Milton over the last three weeks, has ensured that local children need not go hungry during these difficult times.

Each week, Peter Bousfield, the Chair of the Welfare Committee of the New Milton Lions Club, has liaised with all our local schools to get information on families they are aware are suffering extreme difficulties. In partnership with The New Forest Basics Bank, supplies of food for a week for the families have been put together each Friday and New Milton Town Council Ground staff ultimately, have turned their hand to delivering up to 76 Family Food Parcels in a week, with a total of over 200 during the three weeks the project has so far been running.

All of those involved have been touched by the comments received back from the parents who received these very welcome deliveries of fresh fruit and vegetables, tinned goods, toiletries and some surprises – all put together by the willing volunteers, headed by Oliver Stanley, the chair of the Basics Bank. 

All of this has only been possible through the generosity of many local Town and District Councillors, and a special fund set up by The Lions Club of Great Britain, which has been supplemented by monies from members and the welfare fund of The Lions Club of New Milton.

The President of The Lions Club of New Milton, John Alcock,“praised the members of his Club, especially Peter Bousfield, who had so quickly put the project into action, once the need had been identified and confirmed with the representatives of all of our local schools”

Commenting on the highly successful and much-needed initiative, the Mayor of New Milton, Councillor Alvin Reid who has been closely involved in the team executing this project, commented that “If we all do a little, collectively we can achieve a lot. Well done to all involved and in particular to The Lions Club of New Milton”

The picture shows the Chair of the New Forest Basics Bank receiving a cheque for £1,000 handed to him by Steve Merrifield, Secretary of the Lions Club of New Milton. Further donations are planned to The New Forest Basics Bank.

EXTRACT FROM A PARENT’S E-MAIL "....I just want to say I’m genuinely overwhelmed at the absolute generosity shown to me today! I collected my food parcel and I am blown away by just how much has gone into it not to mention produce! I never thought I would be one to need such help and always try to place something into the food baskets at Tesco but I’m truely grateful to those that do!    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. From me and my family..."


Group Effort to provide Food Deliveries to needy Families

Three major local organisations came together this week to organise the distribution of food to 61 needy families in New Milton.  Each family received food for all their family for a week including fresh fruit and vegetables.

Well done to all three groups for bringing together this much needed service to our local community. This exercise is likely to be repeated in the coming weeks.

Photograph courtesy of New Milton Town Council


Message from The New Forest Disability Information Service

At New Forest Disability we are still manning the telephone helpline and doing all benefit appointments over the phone instead of face to face – no one has been cancelled. We are also offering befriending phone calls, prescription collection and have a big source of information to support our vulnerable clients.

Although our shop is closed, by telephoning beforehand we can still supply some new and mainly lightly used mobility equipment and daily living aids.  This is being well received by family having a loved one discharged from hospital and requiring wheelchairs, commodes and pads etc. 

Keep safe and keep well and I look forward to seeing you all ‘ on the other side!’

Jacki Keable Chief Executive New Forest Disability.  Helpline: 01425 628750


Mrs Peregrine New Milton - the Story So Far.

And now 4 Eggs at The Water Tower ....

Now three Eggs !!

First Egg from our very own Peregrine Falcon on the Water Tower