Latest Local Police Alerts


Do you recognise this man - we want to speak with him in connection with drill theft in New Milton.

We would like to speak to the man pictured in connection with the theft of a drill from Screwfix on the Gore Road Industrial Estate in New Milton.

The black and yellow DCD778 D2T De Walt drill was stolen from the store at around 11.30am on January 11. The drill was inside the box which also contained a charger and two batteries. If you recognise this man or have any information, please contact 101, quoting reference 44190013735.


Dwelling Burglaries in The New Milton Area - Alert Issued 15.38 hrs on Friday 21st December

Police have been made aware of a series of residential premises that have been the unfortunate victims of a dwelling burglary in recent days. We are interested in any information that might assist with our investigations for the following incidents, did you see or hear anything out of the ordinary? If the answer is yes, please call 101 and quote the associated reference number below.

Sea Road, Barton on Sea between the hours of 1230 on the 18/12/2018 to 0800 on the 19/12/2018. Ref 44180471063, 44180470517, 44180471468
Marine Drive, Barton on Sea between the hours of 0000 on the 17/12/2018 to 0845 on the 19/12/2018. Ref 44180470731, 44180470906
Station Road, New Milton between the hours of 1700 on the 18/12/2018 to 0645 on the 19/12/2018. Ref 44180470586
Western Avenue, Barton on Sea between the hours of 1100 on the 14/12/2018 to 1945 on the 17/12/2018. Ref 44180468900, 44180467252

Please ensure that your property is kept locked and secure at all times. If you are away from your property for a long period it is a good idea to get a neighbour to keep an eye on your property until your return. Please put valuables away in a safe place, this includes car keys, money and jewellery. Don't leave valuables on show near doors or windows.

A checklist of things you can do to improve your security:-

• If you wish to install an alarm make sure the company is approved by the NSI or SSAIB.
• All external doors should be fitted with quality locks confirming to British Standard BS3621.
• All windows should be fitted with key-operated locks. You are able to buy DIY fit locks for almost every type of window. If you are considering replacing any of your windows, check they conform to BS9750 Windows of Enhanced Security.
• French windows and patio doors should be fitted with a multi-point locking system with three or more hook bolts.
• If you are looking to replace any external door consider replacing with one that meets the standard PAS 24 2016.
• Make sure your garage is locked. The addition of a padlock or locking bar will improve the security. There are many different security products available to assist in securing a garage. A link door between the garage and the house should be treated as any other external door.
• Side access or entry points into the rear garden should be gated and locked. Rear garden fences / walls should be 1.8m in height and topped with trellis to prevent somebody from climbing over.
• Sheds should have locks fitted to doors and windows and any expensive tools or ladders locked to a secure anchor point.
• Use timer switches to switch lights on when you are not in to make the home look occupied.
• If you are not already a member, consider joining or starting a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.

Please follow the below link for further crime prevention advice regarding keeping your homes secure:

You can check your belongings to see if you can identify any unique etched code or serial number. Please sign up to immobilise at a national property register, this is free to sign up.

Please ensure you are vigilant at all times, calling police to report any suspicious activity, not just around your own property but anything suspicious in your residential area and community. In an emergency use 999 or 101 for a non-emerg