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Update on 13th August

PCSO Alan here

Yesterday was yet again another hot and sticky day in which like you, we the Neighbourhoods team felt the heat, bearing in mind we have to wear body armour, which I can tell you is not pleasurable,. However, it is a necessary evil in towards keeping us safe in what we do, so I am not complaining.

Over the last several days it would appear that most of you are only venturing out for essentials and / or visiting the local beaches and or Forest facilities making the most this beautiful area in which we live supporting the new Staycation.

This is great news as today, officially we have now entered into a recession, thus now putting more pressure onto our economy to include local services.

Please bear this in mind when out and about using the facilities, and above all please give a thought to all those that are out there working hard to both maintain this for you and to those who are trying to protect and safeguard you against those who quite simply do not care as it is not their problem or believe that there is still this pot of gold that is endless in its supply.

On this note, both I and PCSO Phil were out on cycle patrols yesterday afternoon and not for the first time, came across a group of teenagers loitering within the grounds of the St Mary Magdalene Church, Church Lane, New Milton. Now I have to say that they were not doing anything specifically, however the church and its grounds are consecrated, which covers a considerable area and unless you are there to use the Church, Church hall and or to visit lost loved ones, you will be moved on by the Police.

Most people view the entire process as spiritual. Being on hallowed ground is a source of comfort and peace for many so I will not tolerate those that are there that disrupt that comfort and on occasions in the past, commit wanton vandalism seeing this as a laugh and a joke. As an ex-colleague of mine use to say “YOU'RE NOT FUNNY AND YOU NEVER WILL BE”.

What you will be is taken to task under the Ecclesiastical Act 1860, which creates offences regarding disturbances in or on church premises to include Anti-Social Behaviour punishable by fine and yes imprisonment in worse case scenarios.

I have been here for a long time and over the years, this area has been subjected to unwanted congregations and reported offences, which has been well documented by local media.

Well today it stops, so please do not be offended by a harsh and robust approach, if when first asked to leave nicely does not work, and feel free to complain as this will not help your cause either as you are in the wrong.

Today is forecast to be another hot one, so those of you who are still through no fault of your own not at work, on holiday or simply trying to enjoy lost time earlier on in the year, please be sensible enjoy your surrounding but most of all be courteous, understanding and nice to one another.

Alan, Phil # New Milton Cops


A Warning to Vehicle Owners

Afternoon everyone,

Government restrictions have been eased further recently, many of us are now slowly returning to work, seeing family and friends and going out shopping and visiting pubs and restaurants. As such people are beginning to go back to their normal routines.

This is why we wanted to give you a timely reminder not to leave personal belongings or valuables in motor vehicles overnight. We have seen a recent spike in thefts overnight, specifically targeting vans, in the New Milton area. 

If your vehicle is parked on a driveway or in-front of a garage, you may want to consider installing a CCTV camera covering the area which your vehicle is parked or installing a motion-detector dash-cam. This way, it may serve as a deterrent to potential thieves as they know that they will be caught on camera.

Most burglaries are committed by opportunists. These are often spur-of-the-moment decisions, made when they see valuables left on view or lapses in security. Personal items such as mobile phones and tablets, handbags and work tools left somewhere obvious can be an attractive target, so please do take them indoors with you every night.

Our officers in the community are continuing to follow-up on all reports of thefts from motor vehicles, so please be reassured that we are doing all we can to protect the community and bring these offenders to justice.

We would urge you to remove all personal belongings from your vehicle each night. While this might seem laborious at the time, it might just save you from becoming a victim of crime.

Thank you.


Local Sergeant commends the work of our Special Constable.

PS Kat here. I note that there have been some negative comments again about SC Pruce (on social media) conducting speed checks. Can I just say that SC Pruce is a volunteer Special Constable. He holds a full time job and actually works the most hours of any Special I know. He does this because he wants to give something back to the community and is passionate about Policing. SC Pruce has helped us with numerous incidents and patrols, carrying out stop searches and helping with search warrants.
Please remember this is after a days work in his full time job. So before you criticise, please ask yourself would you do this all for free and after a 40 hour week? I also note the comments about officers staying on. We work 9 hours shifts and in response to thefts from garages and thefts from motor vehicles, the team wanted to stay on to try and catch criminals and cut crime, which is what all the team members want to do when they come into work.
I'll leave you with that thought. PS Kat


Great Multi-Agency Police Work

Officers from New Milton NPT, Christchurch NPT and British Transport Police, participated in Operation Swift on Wednesday 5 August, targeting criminals using the rail network to come to New Milton and Christchurch to commit crime. Patrols also focused on hi-vis patrols in the town centres and known ASB hot spots.

There were multiple stop checks carried out of persons in the two counties, as well as a person search of a male in New Milton who was suspected of having illegal drugs on him.
Another male was seen by British Transport Police officers acting suspiciously at New Milton Railway Station after he had been ejected from a train for not having a ticket. The male was stopped by BTP officers near to the station and the male searched by New Milton NPT officers. During the search, a locking knife was found in a bag he had with him, along with some Cannabis, with both items being seized. A 36 year old male from Reading was voluntarily interviewed at New Milton Police Station thereafter and Cautioned from the offences, and both items were seized for destruction. The use of a Caution for the offences was considered proportionate for the matter after being reviewed and the male's suitability to receive one.

Several officers from Hampshire and Dorset's Special Constabulary also participated, and as well as being involved in the above incidents, they were also involved in a premises search acting on information that someone was storing drugs at a location in Pennington. No drugs were found.

This was a day of action and great partnership working between the forces. We are aware of issues being raised by residents in New Milton in the last couple of weeks about crime incidents in the town, and we do continue to take action on these matters with patrols and securing evidence to prosecute any identified offenders.


An Update from PCSO Alan - More Speeding Results !

PCSO Alan here

Before I start, I would like to point out that both I and my colleagues within the New Milton Neighbourhoods Policing Team have and continue to target other areas within our parish. I will not remind everyone of these areas again, as this was already highlighted comprehensively by Sgt Kat a short time ago responding to those of you who feel aggrieved that these areas of concern are not being addressed.

Social media is an interactive platform for the sharing of at the time information on what others are doing via a virtual community. This of course as has been negatively expressed by some of you and equally been welcomed by many of you as a way of being updated on what we are doing. As well as working as a team every officer also has an area for which he or she has been designated, we call this a SPOC, (Special Point of Contact). What this means is, is that that officer will in the main receive the majority or have directed to them any complaints on that particular subject and will, resources and equipment being available to them harden target that issue and or concern.
When these areas of concern, along with local operations, alerts, general news and or advice are posted, all of course within the public interest may in some cases depending on the importance and urgency of the subject matter may be delayed giving the reader the opinion that this is all that we are interested in.
This is not the case and it is simply because an officer has not had time to post due to other commitments or it does not fit into the importance/urgency category, and will be posted as soon as practicable.
The issue/concerns of speeding locally in the main and at this time lie with me and I am fully aware of how emotive the subject remains as I have been policing the area for many years. I and my colleagues will continue to do this as often as logistically possible and will update you on any news.

Reading all of your posts, and I have to say that this is done sometimes in my own personal time some areas where mentioned as hot spots, along with certain times of the day. Well I have to say "YOU SAID WE DID" and below are the results of our action.
I and two of the team SC Pruce and PCSO Phil targeted some of the areas that you mentioned in the last speeding post last night 06/08/20 between 6pm and 11pm and these are the following results:

Bashley Common Road – 9 vehicles stopped, 35mph – 39mph – 3 drivers reported for summons. 1 vehicle failed to stop and this is being investigated.

Ashley Road – 5 vehicles stopped, 35mph – 42mph – 2 drivers reported for summons. 1 vehicle failed to stop and this is being investigated.

Gore Road – 11 vehicles stopped, 34 - 42mph – 6 drivers reported for summons.

Let’s look at the facts. Inappropriate speed contributes to around 11% of all injury collisions reported to the police, 15% of crashes resulting in a serious injury and 24% of collisions that result in a death. This includes both ‘excessive speed, when the speed limit is exceeded but also driving or riding within the speed limit when this is too fast for the conditions at the time (for example, in poor weather, poor visibility or high pedestrian activity).
I would like to point out that as the evening progressed the speed of the drivers increased?

On another note over the last few weeks, officers have stayed on duty until the very early hours (Sometimes seeing the Sun come back up), in relation to the spate of theft from motor vehicles and burglaries. We have stopped multiple persons in the early hours of the morning to find out what they were up to. If the grounds existed, they were searched for stolen items or items for going equipped to steal. These patrols will continue and any persons positively identified as committing offences will be robustly dealt with through the criminal justice system, with representations made to the Court of the local public interest in the matter (It will then be up to the Court for what sentence that person receives).



A Timely Reminder from Hampshire Constabulary

Hello.  While Government restrictions have been eased further recently, many of us are now slowly returning to work, seeing family and friends and going out shopping and visiting pubs and restaurants. Hampshire Constabulary want to gently remind residents not to leave personal belongings or valuables in motor vehicles overnight, as we have seen a recent spike in thefts overnight, specifically targeting vans.  Leaving items in plain sight or within the vehicle itself could provide an opportunity for someone to take advantage of the situation and commit a crime.  We want to offer up some friendly reminders around vehicle security at this time.

Most burglaries are committed by opportunists. A criminal may pick a car that looks unsecure or they may try door handles to see if the vehicle has been left unlocked. These are often spur-of-the-moment decisions, made when they see valuables left on view or lapses in security. Personal items such as mobile phones and tablets, handbags and work tools left somewhere obvious can also be an attractive target.

If your vehicle is parked on a driveway or in-front of a garage, you may want to consider installing a CCTV camera covering the area which your vehicle is parked. This way, should there be a theft attempt, you would have invaluable footage which could aid an investigation. It may also serve as a deterrent to potential thieves as they know that they will be caught on camera.

Likewise, you may want to think about fitting a dash-cam in the vehicle that will begin recording as soon as motion is detected. Again, this would likely act as a deterrent to any opportunists.  Ultimately, we want to be in a position where we are not giving burglars a reason for targeting cars and other vehicles in the local community.  We would urge you to remove all personal belongings from your vehicle each night. While this might seem laborious at the time, it might just save you from becoming a victim of crime.

As always, please remain vigilant and continue to report any crimes which are in progress or where there is a threat to life by calling 999.

Message Sent By
Wes Hutchins (Police, Corporate Communications Officer, Hampshire)


Sgt Kat Friday Update

SGT Kat update

Good evening residents of New Milton and Lymington. I have now been the sergeant for the area for 2 months and I have just returned from leave. As you are aware I am quite vocal on social media and like to let the community know what is going on in the area. Over the last few months I have been impressed with the engagement that the community has shown with my team and we can reach far more people on line that we ever would do using the traditional method of a beat surgery in a public place. Having said this I have been quite disturbed by the negative comments from members of the community it would appear that no matter how hard my team try nothing seems to be good enough. In light of this I am going to explain a few things. The new Milton and Lymington cops are not call takers, control room staff or response and patrol who answer the 999 calls. It would appear that the community tend to direct their frustrations with the organisation to my team which is somewhat unfair. I would like to provide a snipped of some of the areas that the neighbourhood team are responsible for.

1. Hate Crime investigations – hate crime will not be tolerated and has no place in the community

2. High Risk Domestic violence - When a perpetrator is arrested and is deemed high risk the team will visit the induvial in person and will offer them support to prevent further offending. This also includes speaking with the victim and of course new partners to offer a right to know. This means that a potential victim can find out about the perpetrators domestic violence history and can make an informed decision if they wish to continue the relationship. This protects vulerbale persons including children.

3. Management of offenders and support of other departments such as MAPPA and IOM. The neighbourhood teams work closely with these departments to manage the most high risk offenders in the community, these can be violent offenders or those who are on the sex offender register. It is important that we conduct joint visits so the team can understand who is on the neighbourhood which assists us to protect the community.

4. Vulnerability - The team mange the most vulnerable this could be the elderly, i.e. those with dementia or children at risk of criminal exploitation or who are regular missing persons. It is important that we work with social services, school and local children’s homes to identify those at risk. This enables the team to know their vulnerable people to help prevent further harm and to help safeguard those that need our help.

5. Community engagement – The team try to engage with the community as best as they can and social media has changed the way that this is done. The team are able to gain invaluable intelligence from the community that mean that we are able to obtain search warrants and disrupt criminality.

6. Day to day investigations - The team have an inbox and jobs are allocated for investigation. These can be anything from assaults and criminal damage to thefts and burglary. The team gather evidence and interview suspects and also have to create court files. The team also support other departments such as CID in gathering the evidence for serious investigations.

7. Proactive patrols - These are conducted following research of the crime management systems and where an area is highlighted then the team will concentrate on these. Also this comes from concerns raised by the community.

8. Support of serious incidents – Scene guards. The team are also utilised for scene guards for murders and serious assaults and can be used across the force.

9. Drug warrants – After intelligence is obtained the team will apply for drug warrants and will plan and execute these retaining any further investigation.

10. Response to COVID – The engagement and response to COVID breaches was heavily resourced by the neighbourhood team. The response to the licensed premises closing and opening saw a spike in demand and the majority of the response was completed by the neighbourhood team.

11. Of course we also answer 999 calls to assist our colleagues on response and patrol.

This is just a snipped and not exhaustive and I can assure you that the list is endless. The neighbourhood policing team are the heart of the community. I have been on the neighbourhood team for the last 3 years as a PC and now a sergeant. I can assure you this is not the role for you if you do not want to make a difference to communities.

Some good news stories since I was started in May 2020

1. A female living in Lymington was one of the most frequent callers in Hampshire and saw copious amounts of hours being spent responding to her calls. Pc Longworth conducted a thorough investigation and saw the female convicted for a number of offences against her neighbour. NFDC have now moved her out of the area. Her neighbours are now able to live in peace after years of frustrations.

2. A number of drug warrants have been conducted one of which has seen a 15 year old being interviewed on suspicion of possession with intent to supply. On searching the address a quantity of Cannabis and money was located but also a number of knives located in the young person’s bedroom. It was reported that this was for protection as someone within the drug world was not best pleased. This is clearly a young person at risk from exploitation and who was at risk of harm. The young person’s parents are also under investigation for allowing the premises to be used for drugs and police are working with housing to address this.

3. A male involved with drug related harm has been arrested and remanded in prison for aggravated burglary and Robbery.

4. A male was arrested for breaking into a garage and the neighbourhood team are assisting with the investigation. There are further lines of enquiry that may assist. A house search was conducted a stolen bike recovered this has now been returned to its rightful owner.

5. A female who had committed 4 offences against their same female and had tormented her for a number of months has been interviewed and will received a caution for her behaviour.

6. A violent domestic violence perpetrator has been arrested and bailed out of country for a vicious Robbery on his partner in a shop in new Milton.

7. Numerous stop searches of persons in new Milton has seen drugs and cash being seized. The team currently have a number of people under investigation for drug supply and this is due to proactive patrols and working from intelligence.

8. Prolific shoplifter arrested and sentenced to 16 weeks in HMP. Do not under estimate how this effects the retail community.

This is only a snippet of what the team have achieved in the last 8 weeks and is a credit to the dedication and hard work of individuals. The team do their very best to respond to your concerns and what you want to see them doing. Please bear in mind all of the above when making comment and try to refrain from negativity. It would appear that when my team respond to concerns they are criticised for not doing something else. I am really proud of the team and I am going to leave you with this thought.

You go to a football match you shout that the striker in the team is not scoring. That player scores but you want to know why they have not defended, stood in goal, manged the team, washed the kit and mowed the pitch. Sometimes that’s how we feel.




Further news on speeding vehicles from 27th July

Good morning

As promised an update on yesterday’s speeding enforcement. This saw myself and the team targeting the Stem Lane and Barton Court Avenue locations with what I have to say a more pleasing result.

In all a further number of vehicles were stopped resulting in 2 further vehicles being reported for the offence of excessive speeding 46 mph in a 30 mph zone, and more advisory advice being given to others.

I have of course viewed some of your responses and this has been a very mixed reaction however for those of you that have been supportive in the Police’s response to this emotive subject I thank you for your support as this will be a permanent and periodic fixture for Neighbourhoods Police.

For those of you who are not happy and believe that we the Police should be targeting other areas of crime then rest assured we will be doing just that now that we have ticked this one off in the box for now.

Please as always continue to report the menace of speeding motorist in your area as like any area of concern we need your input to give us the bigger picture so that we can harden target it.

As always be careful out there.


An Emotive Subject

Good afternoon everyone (26.7.20)

It has for many of you been an issue of emotive outrage, and so today officers from the New Milton Neighbourhoods Team led by Special Constable Dan Pruce were out and about in several locations, those of which were identified by you as hotspots and targeted those driving in excess of the maximum speed limit set by your local authority.

This is as I said a very emotive subject and sits high on the list if not the most complained about subject from you the community so please those of you who think that perhaps the Police have got better things to do with their time like catching real criminals etc., etc. then please hold that thought and re direct the urge to comment.

“YOU SAY WE DO”. We covered various locations across the area including Stem Lane, Gore Road, Barton Court Avenue, Cliff Road Milford on Sea.

The results speak for themselves and that is as from 1pm today there have been 4 drivers reported for the offence of excess speeding within a 30mph zone the highest recorded being 43mph.

Other drivers have been given advice and to date 10 have been spoken to quite often stating that they knew it was a 30 mph zone!!!

As we move to other locations this afternoon I will of course give you a further update tomorrow with the full count on today’s speeding motorists.

Please in the meantime be mindful of your speed. It is an offence and you as the driver are responsible for being aware of the limits. “Breaking any speed limit (including temporary ones) is an offence”.

Enjoy the rest of your day and I will update tomorrow


Man Charged

A 34-year-old man has today (23 July) been charged with causing criminal damage to a number of police vehicles.

David Emblen, of Antler Drive, punched the wing mirror of a police van, breaking the outer casing. He then returned a short while later and ripped off a wing mirror from another police vehicle.

He is due to appear at Southampton Magistrates Court on Monday 27 July.

The incidents occurred between 11.36pm on Monday 21 July and 00.09am on Tuesday 22 July at New Milton police station.

He has been released on bail at this time.


Lost any Tools ?

Good afternoon

To all you budding handymen/women out there please could you check and see whether or not you are missing your tool bag from your shed/vehicle. In particular I am referring to a small hand carrier type bag containing various ' MAGNUSSON' tools that was located by a kind soul in the Earlswood Park area of Ashley. These tools when you add them up you are talking a lot of money. Please feel free to claim your loss by emailing me on On passing my security questions you will be reunited with your loss.  PCSO Alan McCaffery.

Another Joint Effort !

In a joint investigation, Hampshire Constabulary and Dorset Police executed four drug-related warrants yestersay (21 July) in the New Milton and Christchurch areas.

The warrants, which were executed by specialist officers from both forces at 5am this morning, disrupted drug-related activity in the area, specifically the distribution and supply of Class A drugs.

Officers searched properties and premises in both New Milton and Christchurch; including Wagtail Drive (New Milton), Fawcett Road (New Milton) and Grovelly Road (Christchurch).

As a result, a number of items were seized from properties including two cannabis plants and a sum of money relating to suspected money laundering offences. Officers also recovered stolen property from a burglary in the New Milton area which occurred last year. Enquiries surrounding the investigation are ongoing.

Local neighbourhood policing teams and PCSOs will be patrolling these areas, so if you're worried or concerned, please do stop and chat to us.

We want you to know that we will continue to respond to reports from the local community of such activity, and will not stop at just investigating. We want to see results, holding people to account for their actions and bringing them to justice.

We are grateful for the cooperation of the local community in these instances.


Joint Activities between Hamphire & Dorset

Afternoon everyone,

We had some good news last week that we'd like to share with you. Officers investigating a number of incidents across Hampshire and Dorset arrested a man.

The arrest comes as part of a collaborative investigation by both Hampshire Constabulary and Dorset Police, after the offender committed a number of offences in each county.

A 29-year-old man from Christchurch was arrested on Tuesday 14 July by Hampshire Constabulary officers in Dorset on suspicion of assault causing actual bodily harm, following an altercation at a residential property.

The man appeared at West Hampshire Magistrates Court on Friday 17 July and has been remanded until 14 August, where he will appear at Southampton Crown Court. We will update you further when we know the outcome of the Court hearing.

He was further arrested and charged by Dorset Police for a number of driving offences including failing to provide a specimen for analysis, driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence and driving without valid insurance.

No further action was taken on the charges by Dorset Police.


Unfamiliar and Aggressive Dogs  (Added 20th July)

We have recently received a report of a dog biting someone. The dog was not on a lead and was able to run away from the owner and bite the victim’s arm. Initial Police enquires indicate the dog as a breed which comes under Section 1 of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 and therefore has been seized whilst enquires continue. I would like to take the time to offer advice of what to do when you meet an aggressive or an unfamiliar dog.
Advice: In the event of an attack the RSPCA advises you should: If you're bitten or intimidated by a dog when you are using a public right of way always report the problem to both the police on 101 and to the local Dog Warden at New Forest District Council - 023 8028 5000.


A Busy Set of Shifts - Part 1   (Added 16th July)

Further to our last post, this week has started off busy with no signs of abating.

On Monday 13th July, after two rest days which seemed to disappear in the blink of an eye, officers have been out carrying out our proactive patrols around the town. PCSO Lawrence located two underage teenagers at Ashley Recreation Ground in possession of 11 bottles of beer, which he subsequently seized. Despite popular belief, these are not consumed by officers at our annual Christmas party and are either claimed back by a responsible adult for the children or disposed of. Again, critics may say us seizing this is not a good use of our time, but some adults have a hard enough time behaving once they have drunk several bottles, let along children drinking the same amount. These seizures help prevent things such as assaults, vandalism, missing person reports (whereby people are too drunk to get home and are therefore reported missing) and ASB, such as littering.

On Tuesday 14th July, SC Pruce and PC Evans attended to an address in New Milton to locate the male who had assaulted PC Wood in the early hours of Saturday morning. After arresting the male at his home address for the assault and an offence under the Public Order Act 1986, a quantity of Cannabis was seen in the property. The male was further arrested on suspicion of possession of Cannabis and a search conducted. This search then revealed more Cannabis, money and evidence of dealing. The male was further arrested for the second time in 4 weeks for dealing. A machete was also located in the address, despite it not being there when the premises was last searched. This has been seized too.

Later on, PC Wood and PC Chapman carried out enquiries with Dorset Police to locate a wanted male who was wanted by both forces for serious offences in New Milton and Dorset. In what was a dynamic incident, officers attended to Somerford to look for a stolen motor vehicle the male was suspected of being in. A good spot by a Dorset officer on their way to an incident, saw the stolen vehicle going in the opposite direction to them in Somerford. PC Wood and PC Chapman, along with other colleagues quickly headed to the location and found the vehicle just as it was about to join the Somerford Roundabout. The stolen vehicle was stopped and the 3 occupants were arrested, including the wanted male. All three males were taken to custody and the investigation is ongoing. The grateful owner was reunited with their vehicle shortly after.

Another shift off late, but a good result for both Forces.




A Busy Set of Shifts - Part 2  (Added 16th July)

New Milton NPT have continued to have a busy set of shifts over the last couple of weeks, carrying on our proactive work to target offenders in the town and prevent crimes from occurring in the first place. Here is a quick summary of our more interesting incidents of last week:

On Thursday 9th July, not long after the start of our late shift, PC Wood, PC Chapman and PCSO Lawrence attended to the North Milton Estate for a Concern for Welfare incident in which a member of the public had called in concerned for the welfare of a person. After finding the person, officers liaised with mental health services to assist the person with their issues. With no further action required by Police, we resumed on our patrols around the town. Officers then assisted Dorset Police with an incident at Milford on Sea before going on to carry out enquiries in Christchurch for two males who had committed a shoplifting and an assault at a shop in the town. Although the enquiries were negative for the males, as a result of our enquiries, both suspects then got in touch the next day for us to resolve the matter.

PC Wood and PCSO Lawrence then took out our bikes around New Milton in to the early hours to look for suspicious persons. Two males were seen walking around and challenged, as one was known to local officers for breaking into cars during the hours of darkness. Although there was no offences for us to progress that evening in relation to any cars being broken into, any persons walking around late at night in the town will be spoken to and if appropriate and lawful, person searches will be conducted in order to prevent crime and identify suspects for offences.

Friday 10th July saw a very busy night for both New Milton and Lymington NPT. PC Wood and PCSO Lawrence were out on the bikes again and were checking in on recreation grounds in the town, due to reports of ASB by persons in the playgrounds and open areas. As officers entered the car park of Ashley Recreation Ground, three teenagers were spotted loitering in a corner with a strong smell of Cannabis in the area around them. Despite all 3 denying any involvement with the smell, two of them later identified that the smell may have been coming from their Cannabis grinders, which was of no surprise to the officers. As PC Wood told the 3 that they were detained for a search, one of the males decided to cycle off. This was a mistake. PC Wood gave chase on his bike and after about 600 metres of cycling, the teenager was caught in some woods after he rode into a stream. Although he was non-compliant, the teenager soon learnt the error of his ways and was handcuffed and searched. A very suspicious wad of cash was recovered from the teenager and a search of his home address by PC Wood and SC Pruce found Cannabis and deal bags. The teenager will be interviewed in due course for Possession with Intent to Supply.

Critics may say that this is a small amount of drugs and money, and Police should be dealing with other more serious things, but from our experience, we deal with drug related violence frequently in New Milton, with dealers, regardless of their age being attacked. The other thing that these dealers forget, particularly if they still live at home with their parents, is that they put their families at risk of drug related harm, with other dealers coming to their addresses and attacking their families and property. A lot of the incidents we deal with in the town where people have been attacked are related to drugs in some shape or form, and by prosecuting our dealers and users, this can help reduce the risk of violence incidents and related crime, such as thefts, to fund peoples’ substance abuse habits. When we search dealer’s properties, we are encountering weapons, particularly knives, that dealers have close by to protect themselves from harm. It only takes one stab with a knife to seriously injure or kill. And this then leads to our policing efforts being diverted to deal with the aftermath of that, such as scene guards, so when people in need call for help from the Police, it may take longer to get to them due to resources being used else where.

After arriving back at the station, officers received a call of a fight going on in Lymington and quickly attended, with it being identified as a mental health incident. The male was clearly not well and had injuries. Whilst speaking to the male to check on his injuries, SC Pruce has been punched by the male. Thankfully no injury was received by SC Pruce as a result and appropriate support provided to him, but never a pleasant occurrence to happen to an officer. The male was subsequently taken to hospital to receive appropriate care and support for his mental health issues.

Although off an hour late, SC Pruce and PC Wood attended to a public disorder incident on Station Road and were on scene in about a minute, faced with about 60 persons, some of whom were rather drunk and angry. Whilst other officers came to the location, a fight developed between some of the males on the street. Whilst trying to separate the parties, PC Wood has been grabbed from behind by a male, but an eagle-eyed member of security from a nearby premises, removed the male. PC Wood was then able to arrest a male on suspicion of Affray by PC Wood and SC Pruce dealt with a male who had been found unconscious next to where the fight had occurred. Other fights developed, with SC Pruce separating the parties and preventing further injury. When other officers arrived on scene, the remaining persons out in the street were dispersed and another drunk male arrested to prevent a Breach of the Peace. The male who was arrested for Affray was further arrested by SC Oliver who found Cocaine packets in the male’s possession.

The investigation into the matter is still on going so if anyone has mobile phone footage of the initial incident before Police arrived, we ask that they get in contact with us and quote incident 44200255598.


A Busy Set of Shifts - Part 3   (Added 16th July)

New Milton & Lymington NPT have been up early today and conducted a drug search warrant in Longleat Gardens New Milton.
Drug Related Harm will not be tolerated in our community. If you are experiencing drug related harm in your street/neighbourhood please do report this to police via 101 or the Hampshire Constabulary Website.
Report it so we can deal with it.



A Message from Hampshire Constabulary

Good morning everyone,

We know that many people are looking forward to pubs, restaurants and other establishments opening this weekend and we’re confident the majority of people want to enjoy themselves safely. In the run-up and over the course of the weekend we, alongside Local Authorities, will be working closely with the licensing industry across all areas of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. This is to ensure all businesses are aware of the new licensing objectives and COVID guidelines to prevent a second spike of the virus.

We have been preparing in anticipation of this busier period, and have patrol plans in place throughout the two counties this weekend to ensure the easing of restrictions is approached safely. Social distancing and good hygiene remains paramount and it’s everyone’s responsibility to follow this guidance.

If you are visiting bars and pubs this weekend, please drink sensibly, and pre-plan your travel and how you are going to get home. Reassess your plans if you arrive at your location and realise social distancing isn’t achievable. Be aware of how excess drinking and violent behaviour may impact the emergency services and the NHS. Covid-19 still presents a significant and deadly threat to public health.

It’s important to remember that it is our collective effort to comply with the guidance, such as keeping our distance and washing our hands, that has led to the re-opening of our local businesses. Ultimately, we are still all in this together so it’s important that we all continue to limit the spread of the virus, whilst enjoying the summer.

We continue to work hard to keep us all safe in what remain challenging circumstances so we would ask everyone to work with us and remember that if you need our help we are here for you. If you want to know more about what you can and can’t do from July 4, please visit the government website on Coronavirus. Please do not call our control room to ask questions about restrictions, we need to keep our lines open for emergencies.

Thank you for your ongoing support.


This Weekend (4th July)

Well the long wait to have a ice cold pint is over! I know it doesn't taste the same out of a can or bottle at home and many of us including me can not wait to go and have a cold one out of a proper pump!! For me and the team that is where it ends as we are on a late shift working a few extra hours into the early hours to cover the extra demand due to the pubs re-opening. I think that we all must accept that things at our local will be quite different to what it was before lockdown.

Myself and the team want you to have a pleasant Saturday evening enjoying what we take for granted but please can we do so responsibly, not only in the amount we consume but also how we behave. Expect less people being allowed in to the pubs and that you are asked for names and addresses, also be prepared to wash your hands regularly and to use hand gel provided. The team will be patrolling around the licensed premises so please give us a wave and say hello. What I ask is that we all respect each other and our licensees that have really suffered during lockdown.

Have a great weekend but make sure it doesn't mean that you end up in a police cell or in the back of an Ambulance. Have a drink for Sgt Kat and the team who will have to wait a few more days to enjoy the pub once more. SGT Kat


Illegal Fishing

If you are thinking about going out fishing during these Covid times, ask yourself these three simple questions :-

1) Do you have a Rod Licence issued by the Environment Agency?

2) Are you a current member of an angling club?

3) Do you have permission to fish at the location you plan to go fishing?

If you answer ‘No’ to any of these then you are poaching. The Police can seize all your fishing equipment and will consider seizing mobile phones and you will be reported for committing a criminal offence under the Theft Act 1968 and required to attend Court.

Please respect our Countryside, protect our rivers and the environment by fishing within the law.

If you see anyone you believe to be fishing illegally or any suspicious activity please report via 101 and quote "OP Traverse"