Community Groups - Residents' Association



We will continue in 2019 to work towards the same principles that have successfully guided the Association over the last 110 years :-

  • To use our best endeavours within the constraints of existing legislation to protect the character of the town and the quality of its environment.

  • To seek to ensure, with members' support, that any new development is compatible with that objective.

  • To encourage the maintenance and improvement of local amenities.

  • To promote care in the community and awareness of the needs of others.

  • To provide a forum where members can express their views and concerns publicly.

   Meetings at The Community Association.  Osborne Road.  New Milton

   2:15 p.m. (Winter) and 7:15 p.m. (Summer Months)

   £3.00 per annum which includes 12 Issues of the Association Newsletter "Focus"

   Chairman - Alan Watson

   07771 754025

   E-Mail the Association

Community in Action - a group within NMRA designed to develop the social aspects of the association. The objective is to bring New Milton residents of all ages together,  to enjoy themselves,  with an aim of raising funds to support those who are less fortunate than ourselves.