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My Smile for the Day

Just a few amusing things during these tough times

I claim no credit for these items, they are merely items that have been posted on Social Media and other sources, that I found amusing during these tough times:-

If you have anecdotes or postings that you think might amuse me or more importantly will amuse others, send them to me at - alan.watson@newmilton.net


A Wish?   (Added 23.120.20)

Living dangerously   

The Dangers of Dating Sites 

Made me smile! 

The best of Gary Delayney  

Amused me !!   

Another one to get me into trouble  

So true !!  

The Rarest Pair of Shoes  

A Trump Joke (One of Many !!)  

How true !! 

Now this would be something !! 

Trying it On ?  

One for the Ladies (Courtesy of Marian Rickman)  

Fake News  


I Give You Donald Rump 



A Family Decision 

Very Dissapointed  

Not a hot tip  

I will never complain about roadworks in New Milton ever again !! 

Road sign with wrong end date

Is this you ? 

Chestnut joke

This one will get me into trouble !!  

large paperback book with thousands of pages

I'd say this just about sums 2020 up !! 

monthly faces - January to September - September taking to drink

I think I need one of these !! 

Multi-Cultural Society  

Ladies wearing the Hijab

He needs a Refresher Course  

Man ignoring social distancing

 Piggy Back ?  


How old are you ?  

I wonder what the Ladies door is like?