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My Smile for the Day

Just a few amusing things during these tough times

I claim no credit for these items, they are merely items that have been posted on Social Media and other sources, that I found amusing during the pandemic, and by popular request, I am continuing :-

If you have anecdotes or postings that you think might amuse me or more importantly will amuse others, send them to me at - alan.watson@newmilton.net


It must be the way I tell them !!   (6.10.22)

Just another simple one   

Just amused me   

Oh so True !!  

I am glad am finished with Hospitals for now !!  

Another simple one !  

This is Tiring !  

Erm !!  


And another old one !!  

An Old One  

Jacob Rees Mogg announces the Winter Support Package   

Um !!  

Husband is recovering now from a Head Injury!!  

Is this the Future ?  

So True   

Gutted - I was going to have a Picnic here   

Deffo for Barton on Sea  

Um !!!     (8.9.22)

Wife better not know this !!  

Boom Boom !!   

Too Right   

Should have gone to Specsavers  

We are in a run of old ones !!  

Another old one