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My Smile for the Day

Just a few amusing things during these tough times

I claim no credit for these items, they are merely items that have been posted on Social Media and other sources, that I found amusing during these tough times:-

If you have anecdotes or postings that you think might amuse me or more importantly will amuse others, send them to me at - alan.watson@newmilton.net



Not a PC diagnosis    (Added 20.9.21)

Now that's how to bargain   


That explains it !!

What a fantastic NHS  


An easy mistake to make  

Ernie the fastest milkman in the west!  

So simple !!     (Added 26.8.21)

Not the right answer   

Nothing more to say !    

Is this a wind up?  

So true in a few cases!    

To err is human, but to really foul things up requires a computer or .....     


Always makes me smile   

And another Doctor joke !!  

Thank goodness he wasn'tmy Dpctor  

Who recognises this ?  

My Smiles Back Again   (Added 2.8.21)


The 'X'th Amendment  

So True !!   (Added 14.7.21)

I think I heard my wife say this !!  

What a thoughtful Grandchild  


This would be just my luck !!  

I have to stop drinking - I thought this Cat had a hole in it !!  

No Comment !  

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