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My Smile for the Day

Just a few amusing things during these tough times

I claim no credit for these items, they are merely items that have been posted on Social Media and other sources, that I found amusing during the pandemic, and by popular request, I am continuing :-

If you have anecdotes or postings that you think might amuse me or more importantly will amuse others, send them to me at - alan.watson@newmilton.net


How True   (Added 1.12.21)

A Warning !!  

Not What You Want to Hear !!  

Mmmmmm   (Added 26.11.21)

The ratings   

So true 

Just Imagine how the Husband responds !!  

The old ones are the best   

For those who may remember him !  


My GP told me to watch

my Drinking

So now I drink

in front of a Mirror!

Me Tight - Never!! 

This told me !!  

A bit Cheesey - aren't they all !!  

She will bounce back !!  

We won't find another man of his calibre !!  

And another !  

The old ones are the best !  

And mine for 55 Years !! 

A Step in the Right Direction ?  

A Considered View   

Logical !   

Guess who chose this one !!  

This wasn't me !!  

So ... others have the same problem !!  

Another one for me !! 

This used to be me - Now I have the Internet !!! 

Can't Argue that  

Honestly !!   

Easy to make a mistake !!   

One for the Ladies  

Think about it !  


The end of this month  

Country matters  

No Comment !    



Nice Try  

This is True !!   

How True is this !!