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Public Consultations

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National Consultations


No relevant Consultations known at this time.


Police & Crime Commissioner


The Youth Commission is undertaking its Big Conversation 2022, asking young people (14-25) for their views on topical crime and policing issues.

Closes on September 30th 2022


Regional Consultations


Christchurch Bay & Harbour Flood & Coastal Erosion Risk Management (FCERM) Strategy

A new coastal Strategy is being produced jointly by BCP Council (BCP) and New Forest District Council (NFDC), working together with the Environment Agency. It will consider how coastal communities and the environment can be managed sustainably to be resilient against the present and future risks of coastal flooding and erosion due to the effects of predicted climate change, including sea level rise and increased levels of storminess. We have been gathering information to establish a baseline for the Strategy to help us understand what would happen if we did nothing to manage coastal flood and erosion risk.

Runs until 26th July, 2022, visit to Have Your Say


New Forest National Park


Our statement about the protected landscapes consultation.

We welcome the publication of the consultation on the Government’s Response to the Landscapes Review, which sets out proposals on how protected landscapes can play a key part in addressing some of society’s most pressing challenges relating to climate, nature and people’s recovery from the pandemic.

Our new Partnership Plan has five objectives which correspond well with the issues and opportunities identified in the Landscapes Review chaired by Julian Glover and the consultation announced today.

The Plan emphasises the importance of working together for our National Park and is for all the statutory bodies and partners caring for the Forest. It was developed after extensive consultation with partners and communities.

We are looking forward to responding to the consultation and to working with partners and communities to ensure our National Park delivers across the important agenda addressed by the proposals.

We are pleased that local delivery is recognised as essential and remains at the fore and that the importance of the distinct identity of landscapes such as the New Forest is acknowledged.

With our colleagues across the protected landscapes we will ensure the work of each landscape adds up to be greater than the sum of our parts to deliver a sustained recovery of the climate, nature and ourselves.

The consultation is now Closed.


Hampshire County Council


Consultation on 20mph Speed Limits


Hampshire County Council has formed a Task and Finish Group of eight Councillors as part of a review of the Council’s policy for 20mph >speed limits across the County. The current policy restricts new 20 mph zones and limits to address casualty reduction.

Have your say, closes at 00:30am on Monday 12 September 2022.


Help improve services for people with autism


Hampshire residents are being asked for their views on how to improve support services for people with autism. Information from The Hampshire Autism Partnership Board or directly to the Survey which closes on 9th October 2022.


Thoughts on Hampshire’s highways and transport


Hampshire residents are being asked for their views on Hampshire County Council’s range of highways and transport services – including the condition of roads, provision for cyclists, public transport and how utilities’ works, such as gas and water for example, are managed on the road network. Survey details, runs until 30 September. There are eight independent surveys in total. Also linked from the Town Council's New page.


Consultation on the draft Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment for Hampshire 2022


Section 126 of the 2006 Act places an obligation on NHS England and NHS Improvement to put arrangements in place so that drugs, medicines and listed appliances ordered via NHS prescriptions can be supplied to persons. The Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF) for 2019/20 to 2023/24 was agreed by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), NHS England and the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC) and describes a joint vision for how community pharmacy will support delivery of the NHS Long Term Plan.

The consultation is now Closed.


The Local Transport Plan


Hampshire County Council has a statutory requirement to have a Local Transport Plan (LTP) which sets out its vision for future transport and travel infrastructure. The current Local Transport Plan (LTP3) was developed in 2011 but is no longer relevant to today’s challenges and opportunities.

Over the course of the last two years we have been developing a new draft Local Transport Plan (LTP4) which

The consultation is now Closed.

Food for Thought - Food Habits in the Home


The aim of this survey is to explore how you make use of the food that is purchased and consumed by your household, including food shopping, preparation and management. The results will help us understand how to work with Hampshire residents through campaigns and interventions to reduce food waste in the home.


Take the Survey :                                                                       Survey still running


New Forest District Council


Have your say — Polling District and Places Review

For all the details and survey, available until Sunday 28 August.


Comments are now invited on local planning guidance.


Air pollution impacts on everyone's health and is a major public health concern with the young, elderly and those with chronic health conditions being particularly susceptible. Air quality is therefore a material consideration within the planning regime. To make development acceptable we will expect mitigation measures to be implemented by the applicant to reduce emissions to air from all proposed development.

This draft supplementary planning document (SPD) provides additional guidance to the Local Plan for the New Forest District Council area. In particular it provides guidance to support Objective SO2 (Biodiversity and environmental quality) and Policy CCC1 (Safe and healthy communities) which aims to prevent pollution or hazards which prejudice the health or safety of communities.

The draft SPD provides guidance on when an Air Quality Assessment will be needed to support a planning application and what the assessment needs to address. It also confirms when an Air Quality Statement is required. Where necessary to enable development to take place, appropriate mitigation measures will be required, the document contains suggested mitigation measures.


Survey Closed 1st April


New Milton Town Council


  • The Public Consultation on the Ashley Recreation Play Park is now closed.