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Public Consultations

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National Consultations


Review of The Highway Code

This consultation seeks views on proposed changes to The Highway Code to improve safety for users of motorways and high-speed roads.

The proposed changes include new and additional guidance on:

  • the availability, appearance, and safe use of emergency areas
  • the use of variable speed limits to manage congestion
  • the use of the red ‘X’ sign to close lanes and provide a safer area for the people and vehicles involved in incidents and roadworks
  • the use of hard shoulders that become extra lanes during periods of congestion
  • how road users can help keep themselves safe in the event of a breakdown
  • how safety cameras are employed to promote compliance with speed limits and lane closures

You are invited to express your views.

(Consultation Closed on 29th March)


Police & Crime Commissioner

As 2020 draws to an end, the Government has now informed all Police and Crime Commissioners on how much they can increase the local precept by, the policing part of your council tax. You are invited to share your views on this with a short online survey.

Police and Crime Commissioner, Michael Lane, is urging residents to ensure they have their say on the level of contribution they are willing to make towards the cost of local policing.This year, the Government has given Police and Crime Commissioners the flexibility to set the policing precept of the council tax for 2021/22 from £0 up to a £15 increase (7.1%) (based on Band D properties).

In an early survey this year, Police and Crime Commissioner asked local residents from the Hampshire Constabulary policing area if they would support an increase. To date, 58% are in support of an increase. The Chief Constable and her team has made a compelling operational case for investment in policing through an increase in the council tax. A 2.5% increase (10p per week) would enable the Chief Constable to maintain what was achieved last year. An increase above this, up to 7.10% (29p week based on a Band D property) would enable the force to build on what has been achieved, take the fight to criminals and to start to reduce crime.

Michael Lane, the Police and Crime Commissioner, would like to seek your views on this year and ask whether investing more to help reduce crime to make communities even safer is something that you would support by completing the survey.

( This Consultation is now Closed)


Regional Consultations


New Forest National Park

  • 2020 has been an exceptionally challenging year as we confront the pandemic and its impacts on the Forest, our communities and economy.  At the same time we are facing the challenges of nature and climate emergencies. People nationwide have been discovering and enjoying outdoor spaces, many for the first time, with unprecedented numbers coming to the New Forest.  Forest organisations are putting together the next Partnership Plan for the New Forest National Park – our joint strategy which sets out what all the organisations will do over the next five years to care for this spectacular landscape, its wildlife and its communities.

    In the first of our snapshot surveys to help inform this Partnership Plan, we would like to hear your views about:

    • some of your experiences over the last few months
    • how we can all help the Forest recover
    • what you would like to see going forwards.

    Consultation closed.


Hampshire County Council

  • Local Transport Plan : Hampshire County Council has a statutory requirement to have in place a Local Transport Plan (LTP). The current LTP (LTP3) was produced in 2011 and was subject to a minor review in 2013. The new Transport Plan (LTP4) will supersede the current LTP and will form the primary transport policy for Hampshire County Council to 2050.  Transport is an absolutely fundamental aspect – it affects how we live, work and interact; how we experience places; how our businesses operate; and our health and wellbeing. Our Local Transport Plan must get it right.   Have you say on the materials.  Consultation Closed


Hampshire Health

New Forest District Council

  • We have opened a consultation period on our 'Mitigation for Recreational Impacts on New Forest European Sites' planning document.  The document sets out the details for the approach agreed in the Local Plan to mitigate the impacts from recreational pressures due to new properties being built, and includes measures such as providing new areas of public green space, enhancing existing green space and footpaths, and providing a ranger service to manage access and visitors.  (Consultation Closed)


New Milton Town Council

  • None known at this time.