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Update and Why Not Sign Up to Hampshire Alerts   12.5.21

Afternoon everyone, We wanted to share an update with you.

Officers investigating a burglary in progress in the New Milton area lrecently (10 May) have arrested two men in connection with the incident. It comes after a member of the public reported a possible burglary in progress at New Milton Motor Services on Hamilton Way at 9.28pm yesterday evening (10 May).  Officers arrived on scene and began searching the immediate area and located a vehicle matching a description provided by members of the public in the vicinity. A number of power tools – including a two Dewalt drills and a Makita radio – were found and seized as a result.

While awaiting for the vehicle to be recovered, officers spotted two men matching descriptions provided to them on Old Milton Road. They were detained and searched, but nothing of note was found upon them and were subsequently released.  However, a dog unit was deployed to check for discarded property and located a key belonging to the seized vehicle in an alleyway close to where the two men had been seen by officers. A 45-year-old man and a 43-year-old man, both from Poole in Dorset, were arrested on suspicion of attempted burglary. They remain in custody at this time.

Do you want to keep in touch with what is going on in your area? Sign up to Hampshire Alert to receive direct alerts on crimes, appeals and community news. Just go to: http://orlo.uk/9beW2 Why use Hampshire Alert? The communities of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight play a key role in helping us to prevent and detect crime and anti-social behaviour. Improving the flow of information between the community and the police is vital to achieving our aim to work together to deter criminals and keep communities safe.


Remember you are not alone   11.5.21

Home should be your safe space, especially during these challenging times. If home isn’t safe for you, or you know someone at risk of domestic abuse then please report it.

If you're a victim, or know someone who is, and there's an emergency that's ongoing or life is in danger, call 999. Our first priority will always be to protect you and any children you may have.

Remember, you are not alone. Support is available to you.


Comment following Facebook entry about Vehicle Break-In   10.5.21

So following the image on Facebook this morning, of a male who had broken into a Van in West Way, my team were out gathering evidence including collecting CCTV. A male was subsequently named from the image and we went to the suspects address which was searched and no stolen items were located. The evidence available has been reviewed and the male has subsequently been eliminated from our enquires, our investigation continues. I am unable to go into detail as this is a live investigation. but we had to act on information as we may have been able to recover the stolen property and return it to it's rightful owner. We were also able to take details of two garage breaks and two suspicious male reports. I can confirm that the white VW caddy seen by one witness was a local take away delivery driver and nothing sinister.

I joined the police to make a difference this is not 9-5 and we are passionate about what we do. So much so that I picked up this incident several hours before starting duty because I wanted to help this and other victims of crime. Every member of my team and also every police officer I know do all they can to do right by victims and provide the best level of service to the communities we serve. Sometimes we can not physically get to you due to the demand in volume of calls. We have to grade our response and this will always be around protecting persons lives and individuals from serious harm.

This does not mean that my team do not pick up crimes and make follow up enquiries this is something we will always do. At the start of every shift we will see what has taken place overnight and if there are opportunities then we will follow these up. Every police officer I know do what they can every shift and work tirelessly to keep you all safe.

I see comments everyday that the police are useless, they don't care, they are lazy and they only want to do the easy stuff!!! No absolutely not we want to help and do our very best, I can assure you we all care very much ! One thing we can not be without is the communities support you are the eyes and ears of the community. With several of you having CCTV and ring doorbells you can assist no end in our enquires and you play a massive part in providing the evidence to bring offenders to justice.

I thank you for all your help but please support us understand we will always do our best. Imagine going to work everyday and what ever you do is just not enough you are always being criticised. I take everyone of these comments personally because I know what locking up the bad guys and helping victims means to me and my team. I will end saying thank you to the community for helping us together we keep each other safe and help detect and prevent crime. For now good night Sgt Kat


Thanks for your Support  9.5.21

I just want to say a huge thank you for all the support this morning. I would love to be able to invite in all those individuals who slate police in for just one shift. I would love to show exactly what we do with the resources we have and also the level of evidence required to take matters to a successful conclusion. Seriously you would be shocked at what we have allocated to us and what people report that really is not a police matter. Noise complaints, neighbors putting their bins in the wrong place, neighbours looking at people in the wrong way the list goes on....... we do our best and I will always motivate my team to deliver the best public service possible. Enjoy your Sunday Sgt Kat


Please do not Circulate Officers E-Mail Addresses and Telephone Numbers   9.5.21

Sgt Kat here. I have been made aware of a post on a local group whereby someone has given advice to call and email an officer on my team directly to report theft from motor vehicles. The officers email address and phone number has been published. I am aware of a theft last night and my team will be looking at the CCTV images etc. Please do not report crimes directly to officers via email or their work mobiles. They supply their details so you can contact them about your specific investigation and this does not replace calling police via the normal channels to report crimes.

Please report via 101 or if it is taking place there and then it’s 999. Please remember we have days of and leave so if you report directly and the officer is off for two weeks this delays our response. Sgt Kat


Operation Sceptre 4.5.21

Between Monday 26th April - 2nd May a national knife crime initiative by the name of Op Sceptre was in place. As part of this a Amnesty bin was placed at Lymington police station and also at a beat surgery in New Milton. As a result of this 17 bladed articles of all shapes and sizes were handed in and will now be destroyed. I am shocked at the type of weapons that are out there even in peoples homes, abandoned in public places or are being carried for sinister intentions.

 I will leave you with a video link 'Never choose knives' The young people in the video wrote this themselves and sends out a clear message.

Sgt Kat.


Operation Sceptre 2.5.21

Good afternoon
Well having previously posted an encouraging response to both the highlighting and receivership of sharps and knives, whilst out on patrol today I came across these 3 items.
They were readily available in a residential part of the town to which all and sundry have access to. After a very short attempt to locate their owner without success I have now seized these items under the Operation Sceptre initiative and placed within our secure sharps/knives bin for destruction.

Please there are no excuses for this, can you imagine if the children of that residential location were to have come across these!!! To whoever you are that owns them, shame on you this is so irresponsible of you. There is no excuse and if you think that you will be getting them back think again, they have been appropriated by me lawfully due to the circumstances.



Bank Holiday Saturday - Operation Sceptre & Beat Surgery 1.5.21

Good morning
Yesterday Both PCSO Sol and I stood in the high street as previously posted and awaited your concerns and unwanted sharps as part of both our redirection towards beat surgeries and of course your opportunity to dispose of sharps/knives as part of the Operation Sceptre week, (raising awareness of carrying and possessing unwanted sharps/knives).

The morning was quite productive in that a steady stream of you stopped to chat and indeed dispose of unwanted sharps and knives. As the day went on and having been called away for a short while, the afternoon saw a complete opposite in that the town became quieter and of course this is due almost certainly to the fact that we are still emerging out of this awful period of lockdown.

I would have liked to have seen a more productive outcome with regards to the amount of sharps/knives that were deposited however please remember this can be done at any time by calling 101 and we will be happy to collect at any time providing that the items are secure. I recommend that it/they are wrapped with paper, bubble wrap, cardboard box, this of course is very important to prevent injury during collection and disposal. The other alternative is to dispose of blunt sharps/knives at your local recycling centre within the scrap metal section.

On a sad note I was shocked by the sight of yet another loved shop which has closed its doors after years of trading. I remember when first visiting the high street in 1990 going in there myself to have a look around, what do you expect I am a male I love toys and we never grow up right!!😃

All the best to the previous owners and staff and thank you for putting a smile upon the face of a young child and me when receiving a tangible object to be both played with cherished and in lots of cases used as a comfort blanket during times of crisis. There is a rumour that this will re-open as a toy shop once more, so all is not lost yet.
Take care Alan.


Man arrested after catalytic converters stolen in New Forest. 1.5.21

Morning everyone, We wanted to share an update with you following our message yesterday afternoon about a series of catalytic converter thefts across in the Lymington, New Milton and Ringwood areas.

Officers have worked diligently to identify the offender and have arrested a man in connection. It comes after a series of vehicles were targeted on the evening of Wednesday 28 April between 10.15pm and 3.55am on Thursday 29 April. A search of a property on Westbury Close in Bransgore by officers located a number of power tools – including a power saw and car keys – which were subsequently seized.

A 21-year-old man from Bransgore has been arrested on six counts of theft from a motor vehicle. He remains in custody at this time.

Our local neighbourhood policing teams in the New Forest are continuing to monitor reports and would like to ask local residents to report any suspicious activity to us directly by calling 101, or by reporting it to us via our online reporting tool on the Hampshire Constabulary website. As always, if a crime is in progress, please dial 999.



April 2021


A Busy Day in New Milton. 26.4.21

Yesterday, we worked alongside Dorset Police and British Transport Police as part of a joint operation to target criminals using the rail network to come to towns in the New Forest and Christchurch areas.

The operation involved a large number of officers from all three forces, including several Special Constables who had volunteered their personal time to support. As well as patrolling the railways, extensive patrols were conducted on foot, bicycle and vehicles in the town centres, checking on well-known anti-social behaviour and drug-use hotspot areas to deter, as well as deal with any identified offenders.

British Transport Police officers stopped and searched two males in New Milton under Section 23 Misuse of Drugs Act, both of which were negative for any illegally held drugs.
While, New Milton and Lymington officers carried out several stop checks as part of patrols in the town. Three men were found in the Marryat Road estate, with two making off from officers. The other man was spoken to with no further police action required.

Later on, officers attended a collision on Kennard Road, involving a single vehicle which had crashed into a utility pole. The 56 year old driver from New Milton, provided a positive specimen of breath at the roadside and was subsequently arrested and charged with drink driving.

During the same incident, a 23-year-old man had turned up at the scene and was highly abusive towards officers and was subsequently arrested, after not heeding our warnings to go home. He will be dealt with by means of an appropriate Out Of Court Disposal.
Police Sergeant Arron, said: “These operations are part of our continuing efforts to reduce criminality in the Hampshire/Dorset border area, by utilising officers from the three forces involved to achieve this. By continuing to work together and exchanging information about known offenders and their activities, officers will look to carry out further operations targeting different crime trends affecting the area.”



Some Successes   24.4.21

Sgt Kat update good news Stephen Dempsey has been arrested on suspicion of shoplifting and breach of tag he is also wanted on warrant. He will now Stay with us until Monday morning and will go to court.

In other news Vicky Peters appeared in court today and was recalled to prison for the remaining 26 days of her sentence the 4 x shoplifting will run concurrently. We may be seeing her in 14 days released. We all have our own opinions on this but the team will keep going and placing these offenders before the court. Sgt Kat



Catalytic Converter Thefts   8.4.21

We wanted to issue a warning to local residents to be vigilant after a number of catalytic converter thefts from vehicles across the district in recent weeks. During this time, we have recorded catalytic converter thefts in Poulner (Ringwood) as well as New Milton and Lymington.

Catalytic converter theft is closely linked to prices of Rhodium and Palladium which are contained within the converters. The prices of these metals have increased since 2020 and this is what we believe has contributed to the number of thefts increasing.

They can be stolen within a few minutes by using just a few basic tools.  However, there are ways you can protect your vehicle if, like many people, you don’t have access to a garage:

  • Find out where your catalytic converter is located on your car; if it’s at the front of your car, park with the bonnet towards a wall if possible
  • If it’s at the back, park it with your exhaust to the wall
  • If parking in a public car park, consider parking alongside other cars and incorporating wall
  • Avoid parking your vehicle half on the pavement and half on the road, as this may make it easier to get under your car
  • If your catalytic converter is bolted on, you can ask for your local garage to weld the bolts to make it more difficult to remove
  • Alternatively, you can also etch a serial number on the converter so that if it is stolen and then recovered, we can get your car converter back to you
  • You can even purchase a ‘cage clamp’ which is a cage device that locks in around the converter to make it more difficult to remove
  • Speak to your dealership or garage about the possibility of adding a tilt sensor that will activate the alarm should any thief try to jack the vehicle up to steal the converter
  • If you see someone acting suspiciously under a vehicle, report it. Obtain as much information as possible, including any vehicle registrations

In the event your cat converter is stolen, please report online via our website (http://orlo.uk/D74mV) and include any markings so that we can identify your converter if it’s recovered

Our local neighbourhood policing teams in the New Forest are continuing to monitor reports and would like to ask local residents to report any suspicious activity to us directly by calling 101, or by reporting it to us via our online reporting tool on the Hampshire Constabulary website.


As always, if a crime is in progress, please dial 999.



March 2021


No Cold Calling Zones  30.3.21

So last night I had the honor of attending the New Milton council meeting via Zoom, it was great to see you all, although my camera decided not to work. It was great to take questions from local Councillors and community figure heads who represent the New Milton community.

One of the topics that came up was Fraud Scams and cold callers by tradesmen who may not be offering a fair price for work completed. As a result of this my team will be arranging a beat surgery in the near future to provide valuable information to prevent you and your loved ones being a victim of these fraudsters.

I have posted some links below which are worth a read especially the no cold calling scheme. This is really easy to set up simply nominate one resident to contact trading standards and they will send the required number of door stickers to your road. These will clearly state that the household does not accept cold callers.  Also trading standards have a list of authorised trades people who you can use is confidence.

I hope you find the links useful there is a you tube clip that is also worth a watch

Advice for consumers | Business and economy | Hampshire County Council
No Cold Calling Zones | Business and economy | Hampshire County Council
Doorstep crime | Business and economy | Hampshire County Council

Buy With Confidence – Trading Standards Approved



The National Day of Reflection - 23.3.21

So today my team and everyone working at Lymington and New Milton held a minute silence to remember the last 12 months and reflect on everything that has taken place in just one year. We remember those who have lost family, friends and colleagues and reflect on better brighter times ahead.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you who have kept within the guidelines to reduce the infection and death rate. In turn protecting lives and our valuable NHS. Thank you to all our nurses and doctors who have worked tirelessly to help those who have been infected and to provide comfort and dignity to those sadly who have lost their battle. Thank you to all my team and Colleagues who have worked so hard to engage with the community and enforce the legislation when necessary and appropriate. It’s been so hard with new laws and the demand to enforce them when people have let their communities down and have breached legislation.


There is brighter times ahead time to spend with family and loved ones! Keep going just a while longer and we will come out of this stronger and realising what is important in life! Looking after each other, respect and community spirit. Thank you community we are nearly there. Sgt Kat



Dog Thefts

SGT Kat here.

 I have been made aware of some posts on other local social media sites about a potential attempt dog Theft in Lymington, on 22/3/21. I can confirm that this was a isolated incident and in fact a dispute over the dog between ex partners. There is no wider risk to the community. There have not been any reports of dog thefts in the local areas of Lymington & New Milton. However if you see anything suspicious when walking your dog please call police on 101, report online or call 999 in an a emergency. Please remember sharing incidents on social media is not the same as reporting this to police.



Arrests - New Milton Incident

Afternoon everyone,  A quick update after officers arrested three men in connection with the theft of a vehicle in New Milton last week.

The incident occurred between 5.30pm on Thursday 11 March and 2.30am on Friday 12 March at an address on Oak Road in New Milton. Access was gained to a property and a silver Chrysler was stolen.

The vehicle was located Schubert Road in Basingstoke a short while later and recovered. A 19-year-old man from Hythe, a 17-year-old boy from Southampton and a 17-year-old boy from Basingstoke were all arrested on suspicion of burglary.  They have been released under investigation, pending further police enquiries.



Update from PCSO Alan Mccaffery - 12.3.21

Good Evening
Most of yesterday evening Thursday, I spent out and about on foot patrol within some of the more densely populated areas of our community carrying out the basic duties of my role.

This I enjoy doing as along the way I hope to not only deter crime and make my community feel safer but also to be an approachable point of contact if needed.

During my patrols I spoke with many people, outside their properties, returning from a journey and or simply out walking the dog and this was great, and I know that this is exactly what most of you want to see, however this is not something that I can do on a 24 – 7 basis.

I have touched on this as I along with Sgt Kat and the rest of the team are very aware of both the recent thefts of Catalytic converters and theft from motor vehicles and their precious property within.

Whilst patrolling and at many times tucked away in the shadows just watching and listening I took the opportunity to take a quick peep at that favourite gadget the mobile phone and to have a look at what was going on in the world of ‘Rumour Control’.

As you know and this has been discussed in many previous COPS posting we do not monitor this platform as a matter of course, however I was shocked to learn that for some 20 minutes a conversation was being had about 2 males, being both watched by many of you 55 comments/likes in all appearing to look into vehicles with torches, however not one call to Police was made during this time!!!  During this posting frenzy I along with a colleague attended the area and carried out an area search, and again at no point were either of us approached, flagged down and,or informed about your concerns. I have since looked at the updates on this particular post and it is possible that this may have been a case of what I saw, you saw differently.

Please may I take this opportunity to advise you that if what you are seeing at the time, is in your view a possible crime in progress then please call 999. It is better to have officers towards than not at all. Take care
PCSO Alan.



Catalytic Converter Thefts

Hello all,
We would like to issue specific advice to residents across the New Forest following an increase in catalytic converter thefts from vehicles across the whole district since the beginning of the year. During this time, we have recorded catalytic converter thefts in the Hythe, Blackfield, Totton, Ashurst, Ringwood and Lymington areas.
Catalytic converter theft is closely linked to prices of Rhodium and Palladium which are contained within the converters. The prices of these metals have increased since 2020 and this is what we believe has contributed to the number of thefts increasing. Catalytic converters can be stolen within a few minutes by using just a few basic tools, but there are ways you can protect your vehicle if, like many people, you don’t have access to a garage:
• Find out where your catalytic converter is located on your car; if it’s at the front of your car, park with the bonnet towards a wall if possible
• If it’s at the back, park it with your exhaust to the wall
• If parking in a public car park, consider parking alongside other cars and incorporating wall
• Avoid parking your vehicle half on the pavement and half on the road, as this may make it easier for get under your car
• If your catalytic converter is bolted on, you can ask for your local garage to weld the bolts to make it more difficult to remove
• Alternatively, you can also etch a serial number on the converter so that if it is stolen and then recovered, we can get your car converter back to you
• You can even purchase a ‘cage clamp’ which is a cage device that locks in around the converter to make it more difficult to remove
• Speak to your dealership or garage about the possibility of adding a tilt sensor that will activate the alarm should any thief try to jack the vehicle up to steal the converter
• If you see someone acting suspiciously under a vehicle, report it. Obtain as much information as possible, including any vehicle registrations
• In the event your cat converter is stolen, please report online via our website (http://orlo.uk/oGz8u) and include any markings so that we can identify your converter if it’s recovered

Our local neighbourhood policing teams in the New Forest are continuing to monitor reports and would like to ask local residents to report any suspicious activity to us directly by calling 101, or by reporting it to us via our online reporting tool on the Hampshire Constabulary website.
As always, if a crime is in progress, please dial 999.



Speeding beware - we are out and about

Speeding has been on the rise during lockdown as many of you whilst going to the shops, for your essentials, using your vehicle to get from A to B to exercise!! , or for those that were not able to work from home going to work.

Tomorrow sees the start of the governments Roadmap, (Aptly named), which will of course mean more of us are and will be using our vehicle’s on our roads. The School run, Recreational outdoors with our support bubble, or your friend from another household. This is great news for us all. All we ask is please be mindful of this, and understand that the wheels are starting to move forward again, when starting that journey take your time to ease yourself back into the driver’s seat, and focus.

Like lots of skills, and driving is one of them give it a few days to get used to the nearer normality on the roads, to include extra traffic, and to ease yourself back into it.

Remember we are not out of lockdown!! So these will be peak times of the day particularly during the school runs.

To help remind all of you that this is and will continue to be an emotive and impactive subject our very own Special Constable Pruce has been out and about today on our forest roads to include Gore Road, Stem Lane, Fernhill Lane and Hatchett Pond to name a few and has been enforcing it.  During the course of the day 4 drivers were spoken to regarding their speed, 4 drivers were dealt with by way of Fixed Penalty Notices the highest being 54mph!! and, another was awarded her last 3 points to take her license to 12 points meaning she will lose her license when dealt with at court. Some people it seems never learn.

Please take care out there, and continue to follow the current COVID guidelines. DON’T GET CAUGHT OUT!!

PCSO Alan.



Court Result : Man jailed in relation to incidents in New Milton and Sway.

Morning everyone, An update for you after a 26-year-old man from Bransgore was jailed last week for 16 weeks after admitting to a number of charges in relation to incidents in Sway and New Milton in 2020.

Todd James Edward Cooper, of Thorney Hill, Bransgore pleaded guilty to one count of ABH assault, two counts of using abusive or threatening behaviour causing harassment, alarm or distress and one count of causing criminal damage. These incidents occurred between Tuesday 8 September 2020 and Sunday 8 October 2020 in Sway and New Milton. Southampton Magistrates Court heard how Cooper assaulted a woman at an address in Sway on Tuesday 8 September before making threats to harm the victim almost a month later following a chance encounter. The court also heard that Cooper caused damage to a property at an address in Gore Road, New Milton – and made subsequent threats to kill to another victim after they’d witnessed the incident.

Cooper pleaded guilty to all of these offences and was handed a 16-week imprisonment on Friday 26 February, broken down as follows;
• 16 weeks imprisonment for ABH assault – including a restraining order not to contact the victim
• 8 weeks imprisonment (to be served concurrently) for using abusive or threatening behaviour causing harassment
• 8 week imprisonment (to be served concurrently) for using abusive or threatening behaviour causing harassment – including a two-year restraining order not to contact the victim
• 4 weeks imprisonment (to be served concurrently) for causing criminal damage - including paying £500 compensation

Following the sentencing, New Forest District Commander, Chief Inspector Helen Andrews, said: “We are pleased that justice has been served – this is a great result for those individuals who have been personally affected by the crimes committed by Cooper. We hope that this will go some way to comfort them and to see that the judge had handed down a sentence befitting of his crimes.

“We are thankful to all of those officers involved in bringing these charges to court and playing a key role in stopping his offending. No one should be abused in their own home or made to feel threatened and fearful for their life while out in public. We hope that this sends out a strong message that such crimes will not be tolerated and that those who commit them will face the full extent of the law and be brought to justice.”



Catch Up from PCSO Alan + Can you identify these : 1.3.21


Good morning everyone.

It has been a while since I shared a posting with you, and this has been in the main due to the current climate for which I did not want to refer to as we have all had by now enough of it. There has of course been regular informative updates by Sgt Kat and this I feel has been enough to keep you informed.
As we head through the year I hope to see the return of face to face beat surgeries and the ability for us all to freely engage with one another once again.

Whilst I have your attention please take a look at the attached photo's. The helmet and serial number belong to a cycle that was found in the Fawcett Field location New Milton and I cannot believe for one minute that someone is not missing this bearing in mind that this is £400 - £500 of anyone's money. I am sorry that I cannot show you the whole picture, however I do believe that if this is yours you will recognise the helmet in the first instance.  The cycle as you can see by the image of the serial number is silver and in very good condition. It has a combination lead lock still in place around the saddle base.

Please if its yours or you know of anyone that is looking for it then please contact 101 and ask to leave a message for me on alan.mccaffery@hampshire.pnn.police.uk

Stay safe PCSO Alan.





Stolen Property Recovered   25.2.21

Our colleagues over in Ringwood Neighbourhood Policing Team have recovered a number of items of jewellery, which we believe may have been stolen from properties recently in the New Forest area. If you believe that the descriptions of the items match items of jewellery which may belong to you, please call us on 101 quoting 44210058325.
The items include :
Necklace with a sandal pendant
Necklace with green and clear pendant and matching earrings
Silver cross pendant
Necklace with triangle pendant


Council Officers - Scam ?   18.2.21

Our partners, New Forest District Council, have been alerted to a number of scams from people purporting to be from the Council and discussing local banks closing in recent days. They’ve provided some really useful crime prevention advice – see information below.

Be cautious over bogus callers.  Please be extra cautious about people who say they are from the council. If you have any concerns about the authenticity of someone claiming to be from NFDC, call our customer services team on 02380 285000.

A genuine member of staff will never mind being asked to call back or to prove their identity.
- Be sceptical, not everyone has your best interests at heart
- Unless you are expecting a visitor, do not open the door to cold callers.
- Do not accept help from people who want money up front, for example for shopping
- Never give your debit/credit card or PIN number to anyone
- Take your time, don’t be rushed on the phone, and if in any doubt, hang up and check with a friend or relative
- Do not click on links in text (SMS) or emails unless you know who they are from

See more advice at Hampshire County Council's Trading Standards webpage: https://www.hants.gov.uk/.../cons.../scams/coronavirus-scams



Catalytic Converter Thefts   18.2.21

Sgt Kat update

As you are aware This increase has been not only across the New Forest but nationally and by googling Catalytic converter Thefts you will see that most forces have posted about this crime type. The neighbourhood teams are reviewing this crime type and conducting enquiries where there is potential evidence. The issue is this is a quick crime to commit with the average time being under a few mins to remove a Cat. We are working together with our neighbouring forces and in fact nationally to build up an intelligence picture of not only who is committing these offences but where the cats are being move on to. I have noticed that Honda and Toyota vehicles are a favourite of the criminals and the below paragraph will explain why. Please take a look at the advice below and if you see anything suspicious please call 999 if it is a crime in action or 101 with any information.

Did you know a thief can take the catalytic converter from your car in a matter of minutes and leave you to foot the bill?

Precious metals such as rhodium, platinum and palladium are used in catalytic converters. The price of some of these metals has risen sharply in recent years and as a result has led to an increase in the theft of catalytic convertors.

Cars that are most often targeted are hybrid vehicles, as these vehicles have two power sources, so the catalytic converter is used less frequently. The metals are less likely to corrode, meaning they are worth more and therefore more attractive to thieves.

Hybrid cars, Vans and SUV’s are particularly at risk, as the ride height makes access to the exhaust system beneath them easier.

The Toyota Prius, Toyota Auris and Honda Jazz are often targeted.

To reduce the risk of having your catalytic converter stolen, you should:

• Park your car in a locked garage where possible, but if this isn’t an option, then park it in a well-lit and well-populated area

• Park close to fences, walls or a kerb with the exhaust being closest to the fence, wall or kerb to make the theft more difficult

• Avoid parking your vehicle half on the pavement and half on the road, as this may make it easier for thieves to access the catalytic converter

• If parking in a public car park, consider parking alongside other cars and facing you bonnet towards the wall if possible. With the catalytic converter positioned at the front of your vehicle, this will make it harder for thieves to get close enough to steal it

• If there is a fleet of vehicles, park the low clearance vehicles to block the high clearance vehicles. This will obstruct access underneath

• If your catalytic converter is bolted on, you can ask for your local garage to weld the bolts to make it more difficult to remove.

• Alternatively, you can mark your catalytic converter. Please ensure any property marking is Secured by Design (SBD) approved

• You can even purchase a ‘cage clamp’ which is a cage device that locks in around the converter to make it more difficult to remove. Toyota are offering a 'Catloc' for the Prius (3rd generation, 2009-2011 models) and Auris (2nd generation, 2012-2018 models). Please contact your Toyota dealership for more information

• Speak to your dealership about the possibility of installing a Thatcham approved alarm and tilt sensor that will activate the alarm should any thief try to jack the vehicle up to steal the converter

• If you see someone acting suspiciously under a vehicle, report it to the Police. Obtain as much information as possible, including any vehicle registrations




Thefts from Motor Vehicles  16.2.21

Hello everyone,
We know there are thefts from motor vehicles still happening in the New Milton and Lymington areas, but please know that we are committed in preventing these thefts from occurring and bringing offenders to justice.

Tackling theft from motor vehicles is a district priority for us, which involves deployment of specialist officers and equipment, twinned with an increase in local policing and utilising intelligence drawn from reporting made by the community.

We want to tell you when we are doing that work because it’s important you know what we are trying to do to address the issue.  We can see that some people think there is no point in reporting these crime to us, that we don’t care. We absolutely care.

We may not be able to attend every report, but every report is important because it helps us build up an intelligence picture of the scale of the issue and helps us identify patterns in crime so that we are able to target the areas that most need our help.

My officers review all crime in the local area that is reported to us via 101 or our online reporting tool – with dedicated officers conducting extra patrols during the early hours in order to try and apprehend those individuals committing these crimes.

Unfortunately, we are unable to take reports of crime via social media and unable to monitor neighbourhood social media groups – so please do consider contacting us in the first instance to report the crimes before publishing on social media. This will allow us to identify all possible lines of enquiry and follow-up opportunities with victims to bring offenders to justice.

I fully appreciate the concerns in the community and that people’s livelihoods are being affected and possessions stolen, but rest assured we are doing all that we can.

Please do continue to report any suspicious or criminal activity to us by calling 101 or by using our online reporting tool on the Hampshire Constabulary website.
Sgt Kat



Activity Against Drugs  13.2.21

So tonight the team have been conducting a joint operation with Dorset and British transport police to tackle those committing drug offences travelling across both counties.
This has been a productive operation and the team have achieved the following.

Male located who was wanted since 2018 found in possession of Cannabis - currently in custody.

Male located on a train towards Bournemouth with a quantity of cash and cannabis arrested for possession with intent to supply - currently in custody.

A 16 & 18 year old were located in a vehicle in a car park in Barton on sea - A search located a quantity of Cannabis both received a Community resolution for possession.

However the night did not get any better for them, the 16 year old was taken home and his parents will now receive a warning letter regarding COVID breaches and if he is seen out again the parents can be fined. The 18 year old has received a fixed penalty for breach of COVID and as he was in a motor vehicle he was drug tested and failed the primality test. The male is currently on his way to custody for further testing and if found to be over the drug drive limit could well loose his license that he has only had for two months.

Great work all round.  SGT Kat



Can you Help Identify these Men.  12.2.21

We want to speak with them in connection with an incident of shoplifting at Tesco’s in Caird Avenue, New Milton, which happened between 5.50pm and 6pm on 29 January. he two men entered the store, removed a number of bottles of Hennesey whiskey from the shelves and left without paying.
Do you recognise either of the two men? Were you in the area at the time? We hope that someone may know who they are and be able to assist with our enquiries.
Anyone with information about this incident should call 101, quoting 44210051421. Alternatively, you can call independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.



Charges following threats to kill a New Milton Woman. 9.2.21

Morning all,
We wanted to share with you an updated after officers charged Todd James Edward Cooper, aged 26, of Whitelands, Thorney Hill, Bransgore with;
• one count of ABH assault
• two counts of using abusive or threatening behaviour causing harassment, alarm or distress
• one count of causing criminal damage
The charges come after a woman was assaulted in Sway on Tuesday 8 September 2020 and threats to kill were made towards another woman in New Milton on Sunday 8 November 2020. He has been remanded in custody and will next appear at Southampton Magistrates Court on Friday 26 February.



An Appeal to all Residents   8.2.21

We wanted to issue a timely reminder not to leave personal belongings or valuables in motor vehicles overnight, as we have seen a recent spike in thefts overnight in the Fordingbridge, Ringwood, New Milton and Lymington areas.

If your vehicle is parked on a driveway or in-front of a garage, you may want to consider installing a CCTV camera covering the area which your vehicle is parked or installing a motion-detector dash-cam. This way, it may serve as a deterrent to potential thieves as they know that they will be caught on camera.  Most burglaries are committed by opportunists. These are often spur-of-the-moment decisions, made when they see valuables left on view or lapses in security. Personal items such as mobile phones and tablets, handbags and work tools left somewhere obvious can be an attractive target, so please do take them indoors with you every night.

Our officers in the community are continuing to follow-up on all reports of thefts from motor vehicles, so please be reassured that we are doing all we can to protect the community and bring these offenders to justice.

We would urge you to remove all personal belongings from your vehicle each night. While this might seem laborious at the time, it might just save you from becoming a victim of crime.

As always, if you see a crime in progress, please dial 999.



Goodbye to PCSO Phil    1.2.21

So not only do we say goodbye to PCSO Amy but this weekend we said goodbye to PCSO Phil from New Milton. The photograph was taken after he had handed his uniform back. Phil will be posted as a PC to the Winchester district and we wish him all the best for his new career. 
Sgt Kat




Update on Drugs from Sgt Kat.   21.1.21

So the team were up again bright and early to execute simultaneous drugs warrants in Lymington. One warrant was executed above a business premises in Lymington High street the other in South Street, Pennington. I can confirm that a 17 year old male was arrested at one address on suspicion of being involved in the supply of drugs. and an 18 year old male was arrested at the South Street address on suspicion of supply of drugs and other offences. The two males are currently in custody where they will be interviewed. The investigation will continue.

Warrants are not possible without the communities help and information. If you know of individuals suspected to be involved with drug activity or have concerns about a particular property in your neighbourhood please let us know. You can pass this information to us by calling 101 or going online to the Hampshire police website. However you can also call crimestoppers or visit their website. 0800555111

Myself and the team are keen to continue to make Lymington and New Milton a safe place to live, work and visit. With your continued support we will continue to conduct this type of policing activity to disrupt those who are involved with the supply of illegal substances.



The Message is clear   13.1.21

The rules to prevent the spread of Coronavirus are there to protect us all. It is vital that everyone takes personal responsibility by staying home unless they have a valid reason not to be there. We understand that this is not an easy request to be making but everyone must play their part in protecting the NHS and saving lives. Please, stay at home.
Thank you to everyone who has been following the rules, as so many of you have and continue to do so. Those who blatantly ignore the regulations should expect to receive a fixed penalty notice and we’ll target our resources towards those who commit the most serious breaches and put others at risk through their behaviour.
You must not leave, or be outside of your home except where necessary. You may leave the home to:
  • Shop for basic necessities, for you or a vulnerable person.
  • Go to work, or provide voluntary or charitable services, if you cannot reasonably do so from home.
  • Exercise with your household (or support bubble) or one other person, this should be limited to once per day, and you should not travel outside your local area.
  • Meet your support bubble or childcare bubble where necessary, but only if you are legally permitted to form one.
  • Seek medical assistance or avoid injury, illness or risk of harm (including domestic abuse).
  • Attend education or childcare - for those eligible.
If you do leave home for a permitted reason, you should always stay local - unless it is necessary to go further, for example to go to work. Stay local means stay in the village, town, or part of the city where you live.



Update from Sgt Kat 5.1.21

Sgt Kat update
I can confirm that on Monday 4th January 2021 Emma Mcidoe was arrested, charged and remanded for Shoplifting at Lidl, New Milton. Today she appeared at court and was sentenced for 1 month in HMP. However as this was offence was committed within days of her last appearing in court where she was handed a suspended 3 month sentence, the court have now activated this and she has now been sentenced to 4 months in HMP. My team will keep going and keep placing offenders before the court to make New Milton and Lymington a safe place to live, work and visit. SGT Kat.



January 1.1.21

Sgt Kat here !
Happy New year from me and the team ! So glad to see the back of 2020! Please let’s stick to the rules and not take any chances so that 2021 will be a better year and see us slowly getting back to normality.

Take care.  Sgt Kat.





Update - 30.12.20 - Shoplifter Sentenced

Emma Mcindoe was charged and remanded by police and appeared at court this morning for 2 shoplifting and a breach of CBO. This morning she pleaded guilty and the court issued a 3 month prison sentence suspended for 18 months.
Sgt Kat



Update - 29.12.20 - Results to date of cases oultined below.

Just an update for you
Robbie Boyt pleaded guilty to shoplifting and has been remanded in HMP until 12/1/2021 for sentencing.
Stephen Dempsey has been realised on electronic monitoring by Southampton magistrates court.
Sgt Kat


Update - 29.12.20

Good Morning sergeant Kat here.
I really hope that you had a wonderful Christmas under the current circumstances. I am now fed up with eating and watching television repeats.
The team has been busy the last few days and the following individuals have been arrested. Robbie Boyt, aged 31, of Archgate, he has been arrested, charged and remanded and will appear at court today for Shoplifting of £45 worth of meat from Tesco. Stephen Dempsey, aged 46, of Archgate, has been arrested for breach of his court electronic curfew and has also been charged and remanded and will be at court this afternoon.

Lastly, a woman from New Milton has been arrested this morning for x2 shoplifting.
Just a few updates for you today!



Boxing Day Message - 26.12.20

Hello all. Following the Government’s announcement, we’re now in Tier 3 and it is really important we continue to work together to save lives.  We will continue to maintain Covid-19 related patrols, as required, in addition to our usual work as we move through this period.

We will engage, explain and encourage people to comply with the regulations in place, and we will enforce where blatant breaches are observed. In a Tier 3 area, the alert level is Very High. There are restrictions on meeting people indoors and outdoors, as well restrictions for licensed premises. Hospitality settings, such as bars, pubs, cafes, restaurants, and social clubs must close except for takeaway, delivery and click and collect services.

There’s a lot of information out there circulating online which can be confusing and not always accurate. We want you to be reassured about our response which is why we’re posting this. Remember, you must observe the restrictions from the highest tier that you are travelling from or to at all times.
Stay safe everyone

For more information about restrictions in a Tier 3 area and Government guidance, go to: Tier 3: Very High alert


Christmas Message - 23.12.20

We always knew the Christmas period was going to be different this year, and it is now especially with areas in Hampshire and IOW in different tiers. There’s a lot of information out there circulating online which can be confusing and not always accurate.

We are all in this together and it’s really important we continue to work together to save lives.

From a Hampshire perspective, we want to reassure you that our approach will continue to be to engage, explain and encourage people to comply with the regulations in place in that particular area, but we will enforce where blatant breaches are observed.

The same goes for the public. If you see someone entering a shop or on public transport without a face mask, consider that they may have a medical exemption which is not always apparent. If you are worried, we would urge you to either have a sensible conversation with that individual (in-line with social distancing rules) or to contact the relevant authorities – this is an unprecedented situation, but we must all support and respect one another.

We will continue to maintain Covid-19 related patrols, as required, in addition to our usual work as we move through the Christmas and New Year period. Please be aware of what the restrictions are in your area - using the link below - so you know how to protect yourselves and your loved ones, and what constitutes a breach.

Stay safe everyone



Court Result - A good news story

Afternoon everyone - a bit of good news for you, on what is a very dreary Thursday afternoon!
A New Milton drug dealer has been jailed for 2 years and 6 months after appearing at Southampton Crown Court on Monday 7 December. Jack William Fry, aged 22, of Gore Road, New Milton, was arrested on 22 May 2019 after specialist officers from the New Milton Neighbourhood Team executed a pre-planned warrant at his home address.
Southampton Crown Court heard that a quantity of Class A drugs – namely cocaine - and a quantity of Class B drugs – namely cannabis - were located and seized from an upstairs bedroom which was occupied by Fry at the time during a search by officers. Items related to drug-dealing paraphernalia, as well as a quantity of cash, were also located and seized as a result.

Following a hearing at Southampton Crown Court, Fry pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply a Class A drug and possession with intent to supply a Class B drug.
Jack William Fry received a concurrent sentence and was jailed for 2 years and 6 months for possession with intent to supply a Class A drug, and received 9 months imprisonment for possession with intent to supply a Class B drug.  Mike Minnock, Inspector for The New Forest, said: “This is a fantastic result following a prolonged operation, which was built around information provided to us by the local community and intelligence gathered from specialist teams.

“The local neighbourhood team continue to ensure New Milton is a hostile environment for drug dealers to operate. We are wholeheartedly committed to preventing and reducing the harm committed as a result of drug-related activity and criminality. This protracted investigation involved a number of specialist resources and investigators – culminating in a significant custodial sentence – something which we are pleased about. “We will continue to keep up the pressure on those known locally to us as being involved in drug-related activity. Anyone who suspects that drug-related activity may be taking place in their local neighbourhood is asked to contact us by using our online reporting portal or calling 101. Every call you make helps us to build a strong intelligence picture and enables us to take positive action and bring offenders to justice.”



Appeal to Residents who have CCTV Systems and Ring Video Doorbells.

We’re aware that many local residents now make use of personal CCTV security cameras to help to deter would-be criminals – and this now includes the likes of Ring doorbells – all of which can helps us as a Constabulary to rapidly solve crimes in the local community.  The footage garnered from these cameras can play a pivotal role in identifying potential suspects, aiding the investigation teams to bring those responsible to justice.

You can register your property details and personal cameras on the N.I.C.E Investigation system, which helps to streamline the uploading and exchange of vital video evidence – allowing us to investigate these matters quicker and catch those responsible.  In doing, so you can make your local community a safer place - for yourselves and other local residents.  Rest assured that your information is kept safe and secure – it is never made public. While your participation always remain 100% voluntary – and can be withdrawn at any stage.

To register your property and CCTV cameras there are just three simple steps to take;

1. Email NICEDEMSSUPPORT@hampshire.pnn.police.uk and inform the team that you would like to register your CCTV camera as a local resident.

2. You will then receive an email request – which will provide you with a link to register. Please note that you will only be contacted by a member of the Hampshire Constabulary through the N.I.C.E Investigate system.

3. Finally, click on the link in the email request to securely register and upload any requested videos.

As always, if a crime is in progress or there is an immediate threat to life, please dial 999.

Otherwise, all other crime and suspicious incidents can be reported to us by calling 101 or via the Hampshire Constabulary online reporting portal.
Thank you for your co-operation and support.





Burgler remanded in Custody : 30.11.20

Sergeant Kat update : I can confirm that today Stewart Mallin of New Milton pleaded guilty to 5 offences including Burglary and a number of Theft matters. He has been remanded in custody until April 2021 where he will face a trial for another Burglary matter and following this will be sentenced for all matters. This is great news I am sure for the community and is due to support from the community and hard work from not only my team but our response and patrol teams, investigation teams and also the CPS prosecutor that I have been liaising with. Please refrain from commenting about him not being sentenced at this time he has been refused bail and all matters will be dealt with in April.



Today's Activities for the New Milton Team : 26.11.20

Good evening just a update on today activities for the team. So my alarm went off at 03:30AM so I could be at New Milton for a 6am briefing. At 06:30 hours the team with the assistance of response and patrol, a drugs dog and a method of entry team executed a drugs warrant at an address not to far from New Milton police station. Although no drugs were found this time we will continue to act on information received and we will go to the magistrates to obtain warrants and who knows who will be getting the next early morning wake up call !!

Following the warrant and before a chance of a cuppa three of the New Milton team were called to help with a wanted male. On arrest the male attempted to kick one officer and head butt another and then whilst in the rear of the van custody kicked a third. I take this personally assaulting one of my team and a colleague is not acceptable. Luckily the officers are uninjured and I will be checking in with them regularly to make sure they are ok.

If you have any information on drug activity in your area please call 101, go online on the Hampshire police website or call crime stoppers which is anonymous. You information can really help keep the community a safer place.

So for now I will bid you all good night I am sure the whole team will sleep well and we can do it all again tomorrow. Until next time - SGT KAT



New Team Members : 26.11.20

Sgt Kat here.  So after having a well earned two rest days the team has come back to two new members. Pc Appleby and Pc Wilkinson join the New Milton and Lymington team from training and start the journey on their policing career. The two officers will be coached by experienced officer Pc Gladstone who will pass on her vast knowledge and outstanding values. They will be dealing with a variety of incidents across New Milton and Lymington so they gain all the experience they need to be fully fledged. This is the start of a long road for both and 18 years has past but I still remember my first arrest, witness statement, interview and court appearance. I can already see that our new officers are keen and want to do the very best for the community and our victims. So from myself and the team a warm welcome.



Update : 23.11.20

Sgt Kat : update.  I can confirm the today Victoria Peters and Stephen Dempsey of Lymington appeared at Southampton magistrates court following being charged and remanded on Saturday for shoplifting of £380 worth of stock from Superdrug. Today they pleaded initially not guilty to shoplifting but changed their plea to guilty soon after and therefore receiving a 12 week prison sentence. I hope local businesses are reassured by this sentence and my team continue to do all they can to protect the communities of Lymington & New Milton



Beat Surgery in New Milton on 20th November + Domestic Abuse Campaign

Your local NPT from LYMINGTON and NEW MILTON will be conducting a Beat Surgery tomorrow (20/11/20) evening at COSTA in New Milton Tesco’s from 7pm. This will be your chance to come and speak to us after doing your essential shop and express any concerns you may have or just to say hello! We will be promoting Safe At Home. We will be sticking to the social distancing measures and ask you to do the same please.

You can report concerns or get help and support for yourself from Hampshire Domestic Abuse Service which, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, has extended opening hours until March 2021. Domestic abuse services in Hampshire, including refuge, are still available and mainly provided via telephone, email and online communication. Face to face support is currently unavailable due to national measures introduced. You can view further details on the Hampshire Domestic Abuse Service webpage.

In an emergency always call 999

Hampshire Domestic Abuse Service Email: advice@stopdomesticabuse.uk   Secure email: advice.hampshire@stopdomesticabuse.cjsm.net

Telephone: 033 0016 5112

Advice Line opening hours for victims, perpetrators and their family/friends and professionals. 9.30am-8.00pm Monday –Friday.

Refuges can be accessed 24 hrs by calling 033 0016 5112 and following the answerphone instructions.

Stay Safe.     PCSO Gemma



Drugs   18.11.20

A very quick update for you all this evening.  Officers investigating reports of drug cultivation at an address in Lymington have summoned a man to court.

An 18-year-old man from Lymington has been summoned to court on suspicion of one count of being concerned in the supply a Class B drug, one count of being concerned in the production of a Class B drug, one count of importing a Class B drug, one count of possession with intent to supply a Class B drug and one count of possession of criminal property. He is due to appear at Southampton Magistrates Court on Tuesday 23 February 2021.

If you suspect drug-related activity is happening in your neighbourhood please contact us. Every call you make helps us build up an intelligence picture which enables us to take action. Please call 101 or contact independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.



Charged    16.11.20

Sgt update : I can now confirm that 31 year old Robbie Boyt was charged and remanded yesterday for 3 shoplifting offences and possession of a class C drug. The assault matter remains under investigation at this time. Boyt will be taken to Southampton Magistrates court where police will make strong requests that he remains in HMP until any subsequent court trial.
Sgt Kat



Arrested    15.11.20

Good afternoon on this wet and windy Sunday!! Just because the weather is living up to November expectations does not mean that the team are inside reaming cosy.
Today a 31 year old male has been arrested for 3 shoplifting offences, and a Assault on a female whereby she was also threatened with a knife Police enquiries continue so watch tis space for an update.



Operation Sceptre   10.11.20

So today both Lymington and and Milton teams worked along side British transport and Dorset police on a joint operation tackling those who carry knives. This involved all the teams across the three forces patrolling the trains and railway stations and surrounding areas. Together we were able to target those known to carry knives and of course identify any who are acting suspiciously which provided us with the grounds to conduct stop searches. This was a great way to work in partnership and information share so we could identify individuals. I can confirm despite a number of stop searches no knives were found. Thank you to BTP and Dorset officers.
Sgt Kat.



Beat Surgery   9.11.20

Good afternoon. We will be holding an online beat surgery Saturday 14th November at 12:00 Noon.  We will be targeting knife crime education so if you have any questions surrounding this topic please join us online on our Facebook Page - Lymington & New Milton Cops at that time.
Many thanks.  PCSO Amy



We Will Remember Them   8.11.20

I would like to say a huge thank you to PCSO Alan who came in on his day off today to lay wreaths at, New Milton, Barton and Hordle. A little different this year with lockdown but the team remembers all those who have fallen in conflict. Thank you to our armed forces past and present! We will remember them.
Sergeant Kat


Operation Sceptre  7.11.20

Sgt Kat here
Tomorrow marks the beginning of Op Sceptre, an initiative that started in London with The Met but has been adopted by Police Forces nationwide to help tackle and reduce knife crime and its devastating consequences. We have a zero tolerance approach to knife crime and it will nearly always end up in a court appearance unless there is a very, very good reason it should not.
The basic rules around knives that you are most likely to see you in trouble are..

  • sell a knife to anyone under 18, unless it has a folding blade 3 inches long (7.62 cm) or less
  • carry a knife in public without good reason, unless it has a folding blade with a cutting edge 3 inches long or less
  • carry, buy or sell any type of banned knife
  • use any knife in a threatening way (even a legal knife)
For more information the following web page has everything you need to know -  https://www.gov.uk/buying-carrying-knives

We will be completing some activities this week around education and engagement this will included visiting secondary schools and engaging with our young people. Watch this space for updates.



Updates under new Restrictions  5.11.20

Good morning all, Just a little update from the last few days. 
At 01:45 this morning a group of 5 were Reported for Summons in the Lymington area in relation of a Covid breach. The group of 5 were not from the same household and were found to be drinking together. Our Response and Patrol colleagues were called to 5 incidents after midnight across the west of the New Forest for covid breaches.
New Milton NPT changed their shifts to patrol areas ensuring public houses and licensed premises did not experience any issues following the latest news from the government.

On 3/11/20 at around 09:00 we received a report in the Everton area of a suspicious male who asked to read a home owners smart meter, the home owner called there provider who confirmed this was not one of their workers as they do not read smart readers.
Please always check ID when allowing people into your home, if they are genuine they will not mind providing it. Never worry about shutting the door and calling the service provider, on a number that you have sourced, to ensure it is their worker at the door. Look out for your neighbours and report any suspicious behaviour to the Police through 101 or online. Thank you for your continued support.


Good evening everyone!  As you’ll most likely be aware, new Government restrictions for England around the Coronavirus came into effect at 00:01 this morning (5 November) - with Hampshire Constabulary's commitment outlined in the post below from Assistant Chief Constable Maggie Blyth. In local Lymington news, in the early hours of this morning our Response and Patrol colleagues located a group of five 19 and 20-year-olds (who were not from the same household), gathered around a fire while drinking and listening to music at Bucklands Ring.
As a result of the enforcement powers we now have at our disposal, officers took appropriate action to engage and explain the new Government restrictions to the group and issued fixed penalty notices to the individuals involved in the breach. Our officers will continue to patrol hot-spot areas and will take appropriate action against those who are not deemed to be adhering to the Government restrictions currently in place until 2 December.


Charged - 3.11.20

Afternoon everyone. A very quick update for you.
Officers investigating a number of business-related burglaries across Lymington and New Milton have charged a man. The charges come after four incidents of burglary were reported between Sunday 27 September and Sunday 1 November. The robberies occurred across Lymington and New Milton at;

  • Visual Vibes, Milford Road at 11.43pm on Wednesday 28 October. £245 in cash was stolen from the premises.
  • The Wok Inn, Milford Road at 11.30pm on Thursday 1 October and again at 1.30am on Friday 2 October. Approximately £1,100 in cash was stolen from the premises.
  • Perfumery & Company, Lymington High Street on Sunday 27 September. Perfume and aftershave with an approximate value of £4,500 was stolen from the premises.
  • Ciao Bella, Gosport Street between 10pm on Saturday 31 October at 9am on Sunday 1 November. Approximately £100 was stolen from the premises.
Stephen Joseph Dempsey, aged 46, of Lower Buckland Road, Lymington was charged with four counts of burglary. He appeared at Southampton Magistrates Court today (3 November) and was bailed with conditions.  He will next appear at Southampton Magistrates Court on Monday 8 March 2021.



Arrested - 2.11.20

Sergeant Kat update.
I can confirm that last night a Lymington Man was arrested for a number of Business Burglaries that have taken place over the last few weeks across Lymington and New Milton. Please refrain from naming anyone on social media as this is a live ongoing investigation. Please be reassured that we are doing everything we can to get this male charged and placed before the court. My team fully understand how hard it is for local business at the current time and crimes of this nature will not be tolerated.
Sgt Kat